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Creative Options Wanted

The headline reads (Today’s Union Leader) "Panel Hears Creative Options For Closing Budget Hole."

Someone call governor Lynch, the Nashua Telegraph,(Keene Sentinel, etc) and the NHDP–last I heard the democrats and their media friends were claiming we had a "surplus."  Of course the ‘surplus’ was never sold in its proper context–as in, "hey I just found twenty dollars in the front pocket of my hoodie, another 100 million and that just leaves us with all the other debt we bonded and passed on to the next bunch of suckers."

No, they were plying media spin for weeks by impregnating the punch drunk minds of the public with the word "surplus."  Poppies…Poppies…. But the only surplus was surplus spin, which to those of us who have been paying any attention at all correctly identified as BS.

The solution to what I guess we’ll have to refer to as the democrats negative surplus, anti-surplus, or how about "deficit!," is to find "creative options" for closing what they claim is nothing more than a paltry 60 million dollar hole in the budget.  Well I read the options.  Would you be terribly surprised if not a one of them included "cutting spending?"  I didn’t think you would be.  None of them included cutting spending, which is very strange if "creative" is to be taken seriously as a modifier of "options."  Everyone knows that in any democrat run public body cutting spending would not only be a creative solution because it can never be considered germane–it would be a bloody epiphany.  Clouds would part and the holy firmament would rise up in glorious song.

But instead of the Statue of David, the Mona Lisa, the Colossus of Rhodes, or The Empire Strikes Back, we get the missa defunctorum played by a jug band. (No offense to jug bands)

So we’ve empaneled for the purpose of deciding–as if we are late into the wee hours of a game of Monopoly, and not faring as well as we’d like– which properties we can sell to make the rent payment. (Might I suggest a railroad?).  There are certainly things we should sell–like liquor stores, but I didn’t see that as an option either.

Maybe after November the taxpayers can introduce a creative option of their own, significantly fewer tax and spend democrats in State government.