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More Charter Schools?

Huh?  What?The Sunday Telegraph is heralding their governors signing of HB 1495, a bill that authorizes more Charter Schools in New Hampshire. It’s a glowing report about a state executive committed to educational opportunities until you get to paragraph six where the governors true motivations are revealed.

New Hampshire’s application for millions in new federal aid from the "Race To The Top" program was denied, coming up a dissapointing 38th out of 41 state applicants.  The smack down was delivered because New Hampshire had been deemed unfriendly–having placed and sustained a cap on Charter school expansion.  HB 1495 removes the cap, making the Granite State a more favorable nesting place for new federal handouts.

Democrats in New Hampshire are hostile to school choice unless it is their choice.  So while it seems obvious that the liberal obsession with pimping the state out for federal dollars motivated the legislative action, and Mr. Lynch’s signature, you have to wonder why they didn’t just spend it anyway and then pretend it was already there?