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Is It Getting Colder?


Something you won’t find in your daily broadsheet, or on any of the more fashionable cable news channels, is a paper presented by a prominent geologist at the 4th international conference on Climate Change in Chicago.  In it Dr. Don Easterbrook warns of us imminent global cooling. (oh boy)

I’ll see your warming, and raise you cooling.

I’m sure the good doctor will be characterized as a denier, a quack, and a puppet of the  Oil companies, and Sarah Palin because if he is right, the decades long obstruction by the wing nuts of cheap, reliable energy will become a serious problem. 

According to Dr. Easterbrook the problems are..


 That global warming is over, at least for a few decades, might seem to be a relief. However, the bad news is that global cooling is even more harmful to humans than global warming and a cause for even greater concern because:

1. A recent study showed that twice as many people are killed by extreme cold than by extreme heat.

2. Global cooling will have an adverse effect on food production because of shorter growing seasons, cooler growing seasons, and bad weather during harvest seasons. This is already happening in the Midwestern U.S., China, India, and other places in the world. Hardest hit will be third world countries where millions are already near starvation levels.

3. Increase in per capita energy demands, especially for heating.

4. Decrease in the ability to cope with problems related to the population explosion. World population is projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, an increase of 50%. This means a substantial increase in demand for food and energy at a time when both are decreasing because of the cooling climate.


Global waring is over.  Makes you want to stuff your fuel tank with food based fuels, and charge the batteries from the frozen motors of wind turbines.

It is cooler.  And this is already shaping up to be another cool (short) summer in New England with a stunted growing season.  But the Warming denier-deniers will not be deterred.  Not because they think Easterbook is a quack–and I’m not prepared to answer that question either way but I suspect he’s not–but because there is no obvious path to centralized domination and taxation of the entire energy industry if cooling presents itself as a viable issue for the next thirty years. 

How does a liberal convince you you can stop cooling?  They can’t. 

Cooling for a few years is not uncommon, nor is warming.  But cooling gives this whole debate something of an ant and grasshopper feel to it.  We played while it was warm and wasted opportunities to develop more oil and gas–even nuclear–to prepare for later because of how we felt we wanted the science to work to justify a left wing political goal.   Millions have fallen for this nonsense.   So here’s a question captain planet and the planeteers?  Is Hugo Chavez going to donate that much more free heating oil to his liberal comrades in the USSA when he could charge us twice as much because we have Cape Wind and solar panels that don’t work so well where its cold while he and the other communist style countries have been drilling up our oil because we left green-weenie panty-waists in charge for too long?

My suggestion?  Same as always.  Warm or cold.  Create a real energy economy. Create jobs in the energy sector we know works first by cutting all these wasted taxpayer billions on green crapnogoly and simply deregulate and stimulate nuclear and carbon based fuel technology instead.  Want to create jobs?  American Oil and Gas.  All the infrastructure required to build rigs and refineries creates jobs.  Feeding and clothing workers creates jobs.  Invest in more clean air technology for carbon based energy to deal with our ever improving pollution issues instead of pretending exhaled breath is a planet killer and that creates jobs taxpayer don;t have to pay for.

You want green jobs for failed science or real jobs that pay green? Real "green jobs" are real jobs that pay real money.  And those are in oil and gas and coal, and oil shale, and on and on.

We Drive oil futures down and let that saved money trickle into the entire economy.  And all the cash saved on cheap energy (and the promise of a futre with cheap energy) will get spent on food and cars and luxuryitems whose production will create even (OMG!) more jobs.   And all the profits the energy companies makecan be used to make jobs and encourage private invest in newer forms of energy because they want to be in business for the next few hundred years, not because they can stay in business with a fixed monopoly by federal mandate on the taxpayers diminishing dime.

And if you want ethanol make it with algae not dinner, and that keeps the world fed as well.

Liberals are stupid.  They have invited you along on their delusion and too many of us took the bait.  Well it’s time to wake up.  Hot cold, who gives a damn.  It’s not about CO2 or pollution, it has been the lefts crusade to destroy the energy industry and to use that to control the means of production, and they are happy to make you pay for it, just like everything else they want.  So tell them to go to hell. (Where as I understand it, Warming is not an issue).  Build the energy economy now and it will find viable new alternatives on its own for the future.

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