Eco-Bullies - Granite Grok


This from AP today on a doctor who is is accused of misrepresenting data and misleading the public.

A doctor who persuaded millions of parents worldwide that a common vaccine could cause autism was barred from practicing medicine in his native Britain on Monday after the country’s top medical group found he conducted his research unethically.
So I’m wondering how the investigation into the Global Warming Email fraud at East Anglia is coming?  How about the ongoing fraud from the IPCC which misrepresented similar material with global consequences.  Could we not argue that these professionals–scientists, economists, even morons like Al Gore–abused the implied authority of their public position or office to persuade hundreds of millions to support their dubious assertions through unethical practices? 
I think it’s long past the time when misbehavior with million and billion dollar price tags come with a suitable punishment.  Lord knows the left is more than willing to dole out the beatings for every other conceived malfeasance.
These cases need to be investigated and any guilty fradusters barred (or maybe defrocked is a better term) from active participation in the religion of global warming