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Your Renewable Future?

PSNH, New Hampshire’s largest supplier of electricitiy, is looking to adjust rates to compensate for lost revenue.  They lost the revenue because of decreased usage.  Usage has decreased because of the economy, but that presents us with a real world truth.  The implications of the liberal environmental movement do not match the facts.

Enviro-weenies want you to reduce consumption to save the planet, and even save a little money.  But reduced consumption puts cost pressure on suppliers, who then have to raise rates to support the infrastructure they alrady have.  Follow me so far?
The best part is that the democrats are obsessed with adding to the infrastructure costs by building new architecture along side what we already have to allow them to utelize more expensive wind and solar, and they want to do it with your money.
So.  The goal is to replace reliable energy flowing through the current functinal grid the utilites cannot afford if we follow reduced consumption guidelines, with newer more expensive infrastructure to carry even more expenisve unreliable energy, based on the pseudo-science of CO2 as a driver of global warming that can’t be proven and isn’t happening.
This is how a liberals mind works.  Or doesn’t.  You decide