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There Will Be No Drilling


Mr. Obama tossed out a rhetorical bone to the pro-carbon energy crowd by granting indulgences to the oil industry.  He promised to take their money for mineral rights leases but this is a feint and should not be misconstrued as an admission of or desire to increase domestic oil production.

First, he will not prevent EPA, local authorities or more likely green groups from filing lawsuits to slow or stop exploration–forget about actual drilling.  The Spice will not flow because these green groups will be funding their lawsuits from the same deep pocketed pot of green as Obamas many uber-wealthy campaign contributors.  No lease from this would be compromise will result in new oil production. Not one drop.

Second, Obama is only doing this for show.  His socialist mantelplace (the one over the hearth with the constitution burning in it) still has a space on it reserved for the take over of the energy industry.  So despite all this talk about immigration reform we should expect another full court press on energy.  It represents a huge pool of money that is not adequately under his control, and he knows he only has until November to take it over properly.

Once he adds energy to his socialist quiver he will have completed his fascist conquest.  Government health care allows the feds to control the labor force, and government run energy allows them to control the means of production.  All that’s left is death and taxes, both of which we will have in abundance.

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