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Starving Leeches

In every argument convenient to their agenda, liberals like to whine about ‘sustainable resources.’  They pride themselves on their promise to manage resources for the future.  They brag about their compassion for the environment.  But liberals are the worst resource managers the world has ever seen because they ignore the single most important resource of all, wealth.   Wealth is the resource.  It comes from managing people, equipment and materials to provide something people want or need.  But for Paul Hodes and liberals in general, the goal is to take wealth other people have created and spend it on what Paul Hodes wants people to need, independent of any other reality than the one he and the liberals have imagined. 

In the real world the marketplace is forever finding new ways to create wealth which it then uses to hire more people, buy more equipment, and purchase more materials, to fulfill real world needs.  Those in the free market that fail to manage effectively are consumed by those that do, and the circle of wealth continues, absorbing the people, equipment, products and ideas that work, and discarding those that do not.

Willing participation is a critical part of this process.  It is rewarded based on things like determination, critical thinking, intellectual agility, personal integrity and hard work.  Any American with these traits, regardless of where they started, or where they were educated, can live reasonably well almost anywhere–in any field.   

But Paul Hodes thinks that participation and decision making are best left to ‘experts’ in far away places.  He believes that what happens to you is not your fault; it is merely a product of an unequal society that prevented the government experts from doing for you what they deem you incapable of doing for yourself.  So success and personal behavior are not related.  Failure is rewarded whether it is your own, or foisted upon you by your government.  And the reward is making you more reliant on government, enshrining the failure model in exchange for your vote.  And the only solution to dealing with any failure—be it yours or theirs–is to add more government which you must pay for if you are able

This is where the resource rhetoric (and the job creation rhetoric) of the left falls flat.  Government’s goal–under the management of liberals–is to create more government to manage its increasing production of those whom it has made reliant upon dwindling resources.  It is a negative sum gain.  The reduction in producers requires a larger government to distribute dwindling fiscal resources to the newly needy.   

So Paul Hodes and his ilk are advertising this growth of government as job creation.   Everything coming out of Washington adds jobs.  But what kind of jobs?  Government jobs?  IRS agents, Census workers, bureaucratic paper pushing commissions and agencies?  How about more State employees piled up like school teachers attending to fewer students—shrunken class sizes based solely on government mandates pushed by pro-government unions.   These are not wealth creating jobs.  This is a failed model for prosperity.  Government employees do not create wealth, they represent a fixed cost that not only burns up resources but also denies the marketplace the choices and opportunities to turn whatever function government has assumed into one that might create wealth in other circumstances. 

Government jobs result in an ever shrinking pool of resources as more money in the form of tax dollars is diverted away from wealth creating processes to wealth consuming government.  You put enough leeches on a body, and they will eventually drain it.  What you are left with are starving leeches and a dead body.   That is the future Paul Hodes, Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, and all the rest of the big government liberals have embraced for you and your children. It is a policy of systematically reducing and destroying the only resource available to run their blessed machine of government.  So they are strip mining the labor pool with deficits and government expansions to advance their big government agenda. 

None of this creation can stand up in the real world without government money.  Without your tax dollars it cannot stand at all.   So as the resources available to be taxed dwindle, and the number of people feeding on them grows, they will each in turn collapse under their own weight, having lived a false life created by the lies of the left.   

The only thing Paul Hodes and the liberals are creating is a false promise with no future.  

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