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Lynch Lied

The NHDP has it’s panties in a bunch about an ad campaign claiming governor Lynch is a liar on the issue of same sex marriage.  This is to be expected from a party that sold spendocrat Jeff Goley as a small government anti-tax champion.

The analysis of this question is relatively simple.  John Lynch said he was for civil unions but against same sex marriage.  When presented with a bill legalizing same sex marriage, (which only passed the House after some stiff arming of reluctant state reps) he signed it. 

The NHDP’s objection is of course predicated on the same litmus by which they interpet everything. If they want it to be true then it is.  The constitution is a flexible, living entity except when such an interpretation would deny them something they desire.  Tax and Spenders are actually tax advocates if for no other reason than that there are literally thousands of taxes they have not imposed upon voters—-yet.  And John Lynch is not a liar, but he is.

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