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Maybe you’ve gotten an invitation from Joe Citizen on facebook.  Maybe you are enticed by the idea of re-invigorating citizenship in New Hampshire.  And maybe, just maybe, you didn’t know that the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) is a product of Left wing environmental activist, and Obama supporter Gary Hirschberg and his buddies.

Now that may not be a disqualifier for you.  You might say, "hey, Tom Thompson and Charlie Arlinghaus are on their list of founders."  But then so are a herd of left wing democrats, and republicans like former governor Walter Peterson, who headed republicans for Lynch back in 2008. 

But isn’t that the point?  To bring both sides together?  Sure as long as both sides lean left on the way there.  Or didn’t you know that that was what liberals meant by coming together for nonpartisan debate?

Consider how committed Mr. Hirschberg was to nonpartisan political debate back in 2008?  You don’t?  That’s because he wasn’t.  He was busy writing massive checks to Obama.  He wasn’t too concerned in 2006 or 2004 either.  But now that the left is confronted with a massive wave of opposition, and New Hampshire looks ready to turn red–along with both houses of congress–he’s got himself a web site–reputed to be set up and run by a group that specialises in left wing projects, and is promoting nonpartisan debate?

The only reason for a left winger to promote the middle is to drag conservatives and republicans back to the left.   

But this is not an insurmountable obstacle.  I think there might be a middle, but I think it needs to be on our terms.  If Mr. Hirschberg and the entire liberal arm of the LFDA can agree publicly that the US Constituion was created to limit the power and scope of government we can meet in that middle.  Until then, the only middle ground you’ll likely find at LFDA is the middle they pick for you, the one with more government and less liberty.  That’s RINO territory my friends.

So maybe you are still willing to risk it.  You can do that if you want.  But just so you know, if you friend Joe Citizen, every bit of political activism you post on your facebook page will post to the news feed at the LFDA facebook page.  All of it.  And maybe you want to make it that easy for the liberals to see what you are up to.  Or maybe you don’t.  It’s a free country.  You decide. 

But since when did citizenship in New Hampshire need to be invigorated, and why is it only promoted from the left when the left has something to lose?

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