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Tim Horrigan Secret Squirrel

Tim HorriganHave you seen this man at your NHLA event, Tea Party rally, cook out, seminar or other Republican or pro-liberty gathering?  Have you found him lurking in your yahoo group or commenting on your web site or blog?  His name it Rep Timothy Horrigan. 

Mr. Horrigan, a State Rep from Strafford District 07 says…

I am one of those liberal Democrats who is really a true conservative: we are the ones who want to conserve our nation’s traditions and resources.

Stop laughing.  He’s serious.  Then there’s this.

If I am elected, I will have no choice but to deal with the issues seriously after listening to all sides respectfully and debating the issues passionately.

Mr. “listening to all sides respectfully” consistently rates an “F” on the NHLA report card.  The NHRRA rated him a 24% in 2009 and a 17% in 2010.  He’s listening respectfully, something he seems to be good at, but not for the reasons he’d have you believe, and not to arrive at any consensus that results in moderating his otherwise liberal record.

If we elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden to the White House, Jeanne Shaheen to the Senate and return Carol Shea-Porter (and Paul Hodes) to the House, we will go a long way towards restoring democracy to Washington, DC and to America as a whole. 

We’ve gone a long way towards something Mr. Horrigan, but it’s the opposite direction from democracy.  No one in the HNLA, Tea Party, GOP, most independents, or anywhere else right of a Reagan democrat would agree with almost anything you believes politically.  But in his defense, I have heard that he is extremely well mannered about his liberalism and respectful of others opinions.  He just consistently votes the party line. 

But Mr. Horrigan, nice guy that he is, like to play democrat spy, a fly on the wall at your pro-liberty event.  He’s Agent “000.” And he will use his good mannered disposition to inject himself into your event and your conversation, and then happily report or misreport whatever he hears and sees to your left wing opponents as soon as he is able. 

So consider yourself notified.

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