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Republican Rep. Stella Tremblay resigns…

Stella Tremblay: In error, but better than any Democrat
Stella Tremblay: Mistaken, but a hell of a lot better than a Democrat….

…and the NH GOP chair leaps at the opportunity to smear her further. Said Jennifer Horn, as quoted in the Union Leader, “The New Hampshire Republican State Committee made it very clear that Representative Tremblay was unfit for public office and not welcome in our party. We are glad to see her go.” Well I’m not, and in my opinion there are members of the New Hampshire State Republican Committee who aren’t fit to kiss the feet of Rep. Tremblay Why? Because Tremblay was a reliable fighter in the state house for lower taxes, smaller government, and less regulation. So she said a couple of dumb things. So what? Democrats with their statist outlook say dumb things every single day of the week. Would the Republican leadership rather see the always-destructive Democrats hold the damned seat? As we see, there are plenty of bad Republicans—even at the top—but there are no good Democrats. So you GOP backstabbers who publicly rejoice over Rep. Tremblay’s resignation…you’ve shown your stupidity. You need to resign too.