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About Sarah Palin’s Third Party musings…

…this just in from a member of the NH state House of Representatives (who shall remain unnamed, thankyouverymuch); s/he responded to my posting about third party musings by Palin (see the post below):

Tim, I agree with you. I am a conservative more than a Republican. However…

 …the GOP does a good job of “fratricide” and eating our young. In NH, this continues with GOP activists publicly chastising Kelly Ayotte in the public press and in non-secret Facebook posts. But instead of pointing big guns at each other in the GOP (Palin recently recommended we primary Ayotte) she should HELP THE NH GOP FOCUS ON JOB ONE, which is to find, vet, and train worthy conservative candidates for the rapidly approaching 2014 races:

1. GOP Senator vs. Shaheen
2. GOP Governor vs. Hassan
3. GOP Rep NH-1 vs. Shea-Porter
4. GOP Rep NH-2 vs. Kuster.
With so many races to challenge, we have little time and energy to waste. National and NH GOP “mouths” are acting like spoiled children, not strategic-minded adults who should be focusing on JOB ONE of the GOP’s mission as a right-of-center Party.

Well. I can’t say I disagree—not totally at least—so thank you Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms. Representative.