Senate Race

NH Senate Race: Two pathetic candidates in an historical cat fight

by Kimberly Morin December 12, 2015

Yesterday WMUR released an update on their campaign reports in which they discuss the dueling petitions between incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte and Governor Maggie Hassan, running for the same seat. Apparently each candidate has a petition out this week. Hassan’s is about taking rights away from innocent people on the ‘No Fly List’ and Ayotte’s […]

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Maggie Hassan touts vile, sexist satire blog as a ‘hit piece’ on Kelly Ayotte

by Kimberly Morin October 15, 2015

Maggie Hassan has always been out of touch in New Hampshire but apparently she’s out of touch with national politics as well.

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‘Cause them votes don’t buy themselves…

by Susan Olsen June 21, 2015

“It [the proposed state budget] will make college tuition more expensive. It will hurt our ability to ensure that workers can access health care without financial ruin. It will lead to unplowed, unsafe roads for commuters and businesses. And it will not adequately address substance misuse, even as we are in the midst of a […]

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GrokSHOTS! Pete Ingemi Renders Skip Speechless…

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2014
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Pete Ingemi renders Skip speechless.  How? Skip want’s to know why, if Scott Brown made it past the primary, and we were left with him or Jeanne Shaheen, what difference would it make? Pete Ingemi (who supports Karen Testerman, by the way) has a very good answer… Why Scott Brown?..(1 min. 54 sec) Listen to […]

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GrokTALK! Januray 25th, 2014 with Senator Bob Smith

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2014
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New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith has entered the Republican Primary to challenge Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.  See what Bob has to say about the race, the party, DC,  Senator Shaheen, term limits and the problem with DC staffers, why he’s the guy for NH in 2014, and what he thinks is important for New Hampshire. Segment […]

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Semper Fi! A Marine Stands Up In Massachusetts

by Mike February 16, 2013

We like to keep an eye on the rare conservative outbreaks in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and this one is worthy of your attention. Sean Bielat is the real deal, and has run a good race for congress the last couple of cycles, coming close to taking Barney Frank’s seat (bad visual), and almost […]

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New Hampshire On The Potomac

by Steve MacDonald September 20, 2010

Paul Hodes is trying desperately to change his image to that of a fiscal hawk and independent voice, but Paul has some monumental hurdles to get that line past the party base and into the general populace.  First, if he want’s anyone without Kool aid stained lips to buy into the fiscal song and dance […]

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The Anointing Ones

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2010

I continue to be amused by the Lefts obsession with the so-called GOP anointing of Kelly Ayotte.  Disregarding their anointing of Paul Hodes, we have Hodes anointing Ayotte with television buys to attack her.  We have Hodes paying for a push poll on Ayotte.  They can’t seem to stop talking about her or bringing up […]

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Does ‘Hodes’ Mean Stupid In Some Other Language?

by Steve MacDonald July 27, 2010

  Paul Hodes is singing to his choir again. This time he’s over at HuffPo wielding the party rhetoric like a drunk man with a fireplace poker.  It’s nice to see him so comfortable in his own ignorance.  You really get the feeling he believes it.   But it won’t do him any good.  Those […]

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Hodes Anoints

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2010

Back in April Paul Hodes took the original tack of reminding us that Kelly Ayotte was ‘picked’ by the GOP establishment.  It’s a common theme played up by the left so Hodes was just being a good democrat an repeating what he’d been told. I don’t know what Ms. Ayotte, who was essentially picked by […]

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by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2010

The Hodes campaign has made its priorities clear.  I’m referring to the attack ads on Republican primary candidate Kelly Ayotte, whom they have for whatever reason anointed as the primary winner.   What does this tell us about Paul Hodes?  Nothing we did not already know. He intends to distort the facts in pursuit of […]

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Seeing Red

by Steve MacDonald April 10, 2010

If you have not seen the recent polling from Rasmussen it’s not pretty for Paul Hodes.   He loses to everyone by a significant margin.  It might be better than the beating he’d have taken if he tried to retain his congressional seat, but with only 7 months to go and not one single thing on the […]

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