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NHPR: Is NH’s Vaccine Plan Racist? – Have You Asked Our Vaccinated White Members of Congress?

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New Hampshire Public Radio has yet another published piece fishing for racial division in a vacuum. But did it suck up NH Senators Shaheen and Hassan and Congresswoman Ann Kuster along the way?

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In a piece titled “Racial Disparities Persist in N.H.’s Vaccine Rollout, According to New Data,” the race pimps at NHPR drag the canal for bodies they can present as proof that the system is rigged against people of color.


New Hampshire continues to see persistent racial disparities in its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, according to the latest data from the state health department.


Taken in a vacuum, the data shows that people of color have received fewer doses as a percentage of their demographic representation. Using the same vacuum, this makes Democrats Jeanne Shaheen, Maggi Hassan, and Ann Kuster racists.

Kuster got her shot in December; the Marx Sisters took the jab in January, and they are all technically members of the vulnerable age group who should have received the vaccine if they want it. But given their access to “affordable health care” why didn’t they take a hard pass so some people of color could have theirs? Talk about a PR win for team race-baiter.

In its defense, the State suggests that the early rollout focused on older folks, and nearly half the doses at the time of publication were for this age group. But that’s not good enough. NHPR has its race-baiting headline and sows doubt but neglects to explore the more likely scenario for both higher positive test rates or fewer vaccinations.


Every race, every culture, has different histories, habits, and proclivities they carry with them, especially if they are more recent arrivals. That’s not racist; it’s Progressive Holy Ground. Emulating them is cultural appropriation and a secular sin. But you can’t represent something that doesn’t exist; therefore, it exists.

In Africa, the spread of Ebola is directly linked to social and cultural preferences for celebrating the living and remembering the dead. By all accounts, demanding that they change their habits would be racist, while any replication of these traditions in our lives would be racist as well.

There’s no way to win.

Simultaneously, the people calling us racists ignore human nature and culture when making blanket accusations of racism which are, by this exclusion, racist.

If you are at high risk, you have to choose to register to receive the vaccine. If you are not high risk and the vaccine is available to you, you have to sign up to receive the vaccine. If more Caucasians sign up than Asians, the data will reflect their will, not systemic racism.

NHPR’s racist condemnation also ignores religious background, which, added to cultural preference or simple indifference, tells us that if there is a problem, it is with NHPR and the Left-Wing Race war agitators, not New Hampshire or white people.

Aren’t most of these folks Democrat voters? Why are they so ill-informed if that is the cause? Do the people of color in question even speak English? Are they refugees drop-shipped to the granite State with no cultural preference or connection to western Public health systems.

Why are Kuster, Hassan, and Shaheen giving billions to nations that hate us and not spending more of that on education and outreach (a viable progressive priority that seems to have been relegated to narratives and accusations instead of action.)

A problem that our members of Congress, and NHPR, might want to explore before labeling us all racists.

That’s not to say there are no disparities in the system. The government, as a rule, Fs up everything it touches, especially the Pandemic.

Maybe NHPR could take some time to remind everyone that regardless of their race, it is unusual to demand that people take a vaccine for a virus that has little chance of making them seriously ill and almost no chance of killing them no matter what their skin color.