NH Democrat All Gurl Delegation Silent on Record Low Black Unemployment

NH Congressional DelegationAs reported June 1st, the nation reached a milestone. Black unemployment has hit a record low. Racial disparity in unemployment is also at a historical low. That’s kind of crazy if we really are all a bunch of racists. But even if we were, which we are not, you’d expect that so-called party of People of Color would be screaming it from their solar panel covered rooftops.

Not one member of New Hampshire’s All Gurl Democrat Delegation has written a single word about it since it was announced eight days ago.


No mention of the jobs numbers at all about which even the New York Times could not stop gushing.

Do they not care about blacks getting jobs? Are they not interested in their economic independence and growth?

They are not.

They are interested in power politics and nothing announced on June 1st works to their political advantage. Democrat Party Leadership set the narrative. If that means ignoring an improved economic future for black Americans and their families they are forbidden to acknowledge it.

So, I continue to be right about their false empathy toward any or all the groups they claim to champion. All that matters is power. Whatever else you may have “to offer” is meaningless if you won’t bend a knee to their political will.