Broward Student Lays Out Devastating Case Against School Board For Neglecting School Safety

ParklandThe Daily Wire headline says it all. A student dug into the weeds, did the legwork and presented evidence that the district had a lot of money for school safety but spent little, while also favoring plans and policies that actually put student lives at risk.

[Kenneth] Preston confronted the school board two weeks ago and gave his account of what he’d learned to The Hill. In his initial findings, Preston said that he believed that since 2014, the school has only spent around 5% of the over $100 million available to it specifically for school safety. In his new report, he details ways that the failure to invest in school safety may have led to the deaths of some of the students in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. 

“Ultimately, no matter what laws pass, the extent, or how infrequent these shootings become, if the people who were complicit in facilitating an environment in which something like this could occur don’t face consequences, then there is no justice.”

The Daily Wire article includes a series of tweets by Preston listing the bullet points of his investigation.

More proof of how the incompetence of our promised progressive protectors demands a strong defense of the second amendment.

H/T Jon DiPietro

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