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Not a Crook? The Buck Never Stops At Scott Israel!

The Buck doesn't stop here!
The Buck doesn’t stop here!

The Mainstream Media won’t report this stuff, so it’s left to enterprising reporters like Sarah Carter, or even Buzzfeed(!) to uncover the true depth of murkiness and irresponsibility which permeates “Coward County” Sheriff’s office. We’ve already reported that, with a staff of 5,800 and a budget of $730M, there’s plenty of room for cronyism and corruption on a scale which would make the infamous Daley machine blush from head to toe!

Buzzfeed (I can’t believe I’m writing this) committed a real act of journalism by discovering that the Sheriff had covered up a great deal when he protested that Nikolas Cruz had ONLY(!) come to the department’s attention 23 times – they reported an ADDITIONAL 22 incidents which Scott Israel would prefer you didn’t know about. (And the count kept on climbing from there.)

This week, investigative reporter, Sarah Carter, discovered that “Coward County” Sheriff’s department hasn’t exactly been flavor of the month over at the County Attorney’s office, either, with no less than 66 investigations, including drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder of a man carrying (not brandishing) an air rifle. It seems that neither the Sheriff, nor his deputies accept responsibility for anything, with the typical outcome of such an investigation being a notional guilty plea, followed by the deputy walking away, ahem, Scott free! Some even received awards later!!

Israel is always shifting blame and the “buck never stops with him”

Is he a crook? We report, you decide.