Disqus Doodlings – Treehugger is so upset we buy clothes for ourselves….Part 2

And sometimes, one has to keep stating the obvious.  One of the commenters on Treehuggers’ H&M’s fast fashion is too slow for today’s shoppers post just had to wade in on the consumerist rage that these people show. I’d explain it but Chris Howard makes it abundantly clear how he feels about “shopping just because I can” outlooks.


Shopping for self pleasure, not want or need.

(Yes, I was mindful of Rule #1 here – a bit behind the line, thankfully!)

As I have said before, these kinds of folks could suck the joy out of finding a bar of gold! Put on the sackcloth and roll around in ashes is seemingly the message.  Thou Shalt Not Be Happy – the environmentalist version of the dour, cannot be happy” Puritans whose legalistic ways made my home church as I was growing up look like a Pentecostal rally.  That is followed by Thou Shalt Not Buy Something Just Because You Can – You’re Killing GAIA.  Yes folks, it is a religious outlook.  I tried to puncture the despair a bit by piling on just a tad (am I wrong in using pixel and bits in my guilty little pleasure here?).

OK, I’m guilty – I can’t help myself; I smiled broadly at the opening he left:

Shopping for pleasure is a problem…..how?

And how is “shopping for pleasure” different than “want”? I see no difference at all.

Like I said, just a wee bit of pleasure.  However, it will be quite interesting to see what the response will be (the whole reason for the teasing question).