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Student Walk-Out: What’s Not Being Said

StudentWalkoutStudent Walk-outs from School took place all across the nation. Watching the Lame Stream Media, one would think this was an epic effort. Well, It was. This wasn’t an individual effort reflecting student’s voices. No, this was an event organized by left wing teachers and school administrators all across the nation.

I received a phone call from my daughter yesterday afternoon. She lives in Pennsylvania. She was angry. The kids came home from school and shared that their teachers, “compelled them,” to participate in a “march to memorialize the students lost at Parkland.” The kids weren’t given an option not to participate.

When the kids got outside, there were reporters from local newspapers and the local mouthpieces were talking about a, “Protest against gun violence.” Which is it? A march to memorialize fallen students? or a protest against gun violence?

Yes indeed. The numbers were huge. On the other hand, when the hand of the school apparatchik is used to force kids to do, what many of them might otherwise choose not to do, the numbers are going to be epic huge.

Leftwing, Kool-Aid Slurping  teachers did this. Some will get mad and comment that the descriptor is off base. It is long long past the time to defend that, “really good teacher…really nice teacher we all know and love.”  They are in our school systems. Nobody denies that.  But make no mistake about why they are there.  They are there as cannon fodder. They exist…in silence…in stealth….they keep their mouths shut. Just like the apparatchik tells them to.  They are just as much a part of the problem as the anti-American activist teachers who are ideologically poisoning our children today.

These student walk-outs are a sham. For many of these students this was merely a distraction from which we could get out of class.  Who remembers Pep Rallies? We didn’t really like Pep Rallies as much as we liked getting out of class.   Not as many students are politically active as one might think.  Few are plugged in to either side of the Political spectrum, while the rest are sheep being led around by the nose.

Let us all be careful and mindful that these so-called walk-outs are little more than symbolism over substance and organized by the left wing moon bat contingent of the teachers Unions.