NH State Rep Sherry Frost – what, she thinks she’s now the Sandra Fluke of knees?

Sherry Frost knee Single Payer

Of COURSE you must remember Sandra Fluke – we wrote about her often enough (Steve: ‘Sandra ““I can’t afford my own 9$/month birth control pills” Fluke) who turned the word “access” (it is available and I can buy it) into meaning “I want it – you have to buy it for me; if it ain’t free for me, I have no access to it” never understanding or acknowledging that she believes she should have a free ride on the backs of others for her “fun”.

Enter in Sherry Frost.

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She’s a piece of Progressive work fer sure – but go figure, she supported the biggest Free Rider in America – Bernie!  Of COURSE she wants other people to pay for her needs.

From each according to everyone else’s ability, to Sherry according to her wants needs

Something tells me she isn’t much of a fan of capitalism and self-responsibility – just like Sandra Fluke.

(H/T: Susan)