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Out of State Billionaire Banker Democrat Promises To Help Senate Democrats

Bucket Of MoneyRetired hedge fund manager (see also; California Lear-Jet Liberal Billionaire) Tom Steyer had a party at his exclusive abode in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff neighborhood to raise money for Democrat Senators.  New Hampshire’s own multi-millionaire one-percenter Senator Jeanne Shaheen attended the Big-Bankers soiree where they served grass-fed beef from Steyer’s ranch.

Steyer has a mind to become a big (BIG) donor in Democrat politics and since he’s a billionaire banker, he can.

Steyer was a major money man for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia Governor’s race and in the race to fill Senator John Kerry’s vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts.  He has promised to spend at least 100 million supporting Democrats in the 2014 elections, which would include New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Steyer is all about Global Warming so he will use his resources and his PAC  NextGen Action/NextGen Climate Action, which funnels money through his Liberal Super PAC CE Action Committee, to dump millions into local races in support of Democrats like Shaheen.

Steyer is a full blown, green tin-foil-hat, environmental cash-cow who will spend money against anyone who does not support the far left environmental agenda.  Al Gore calls this guy “Mr. Tipping Point,” and Democrats who get primaried by environmental socialists or anyone to their left on the green scheme are just as likely to get broad-sided by Steyer as any Republican.

To put some perspective on it, Steyer is already ranked #3 in individual political spending to (evil) outside spending groups in 2014.  (Bloomberg is #1–and Global Warming is now one of Bloomberg’s new “favorite” issues.)  Steyer, formerly with Goldman Sachs, ranked 341 on Forbes 400 Richest in 2008.  Steyer was also a major fundraiser for Kerry in 2004, Hillary in 2006 and 2008, and then Obama since 2008.

Steyer’s Next Generation, as a group–all the money is currently his–is ranked 6th overall so far in 2014.   The Koch brothers don’t make that list, but if it matters, they ranked 136 in spending for 2012.  That’s 136.  (The NY Times has fashioned Steyer as trying to compete with the Koch contribution empire but methinks the Progressives doth protest too much.)

Shaheen, who is more than happy to promote environmental drivel in exchange for political power, wants to hook her haggard donkey to Steyer’s billions, and those of other wealthy liberals who rub elbows with our Senator at exclusive parties in San Francisco.  And Steyer has essentially promised to buy the Senate for the Democrat party–with help from his one-percenter friends.  Just remember, there is no hypocrisy in letting out-of-state outside spending groups spend money to advocate your issues or to attack your opponents, when you are a democrat.

You might ask, why would Steyer help?  Just because he and Shaheen are bought from the same liberal green cloth and Steyer is a major limo-lib Democrat donor committed to propping up environmental puppets like Shaheen?  Well, Steyer went to Phillips Exeter Academy.  His Wife Kat Taylor also attended Phillips Exeter–Kat’s the daughter of a big banker herself.  That might be more than enough to warrant his dropping large sums into the State.  (Phillips Exeter leads to Governor Hassan, as an aside.)

Watch for money spent or funneled into the state direcly or to other outside groups working in the Granite State by Steyer, NextGeneration, NextGen Action, Fahr LLC (Fahr Group), or the CE Action Committee.  These are all run and primarily funded by billionaire  hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.  He has also pushed his resources into “fair elections” (which is code for sustaining Democrat voter fraud), and for those with the interest; his company Farallon Capitol Management LLC got big into real estate before the collapse, and offered high interest loans to struggling mortage lenders.   Steyer and his wife also have a foundation called OneCalifornia, and started a bank by the same name.


Steyer is coming.  You have been warned.


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