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Defying Global Warming Since 1980

12 million dollar island home, built in 1980 and still above water

For the Environmental extremist on your Christmas Holiday Winter Solstice Gift list we have an ideal Florida property, one that has been defying the scourge of our dependence on fossil fuels for over thirty years.

It’s called The East Sister Rock Island Retreat Off the Florida Keys, and if  you are felling lucky, and you’ve got the scratch,  you can own this tiny island property of about 5000 usable square feet. (That’s apparently the islands size.)

Built in 1980, before we were warned about the imminent threat humans posed to sea levels and how unstoppable rising tides would engulf coastal areas, the home continues to sit magically above sea level,  no doubt to the consternation of alarmists who know that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased exponentially since the era of Jimmy Carter while this lovley Island retreat remains (Magically) above water.

At only 12 million dollars it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the “I wish I could pay more taxes” hypocritical-progressive One-percenter in your life who has everything else and want’s to give away what little you have as well.