In Case You Missed it…Here’s the Entire UNH Bias Free Language Guide

by Steve MacDonald

Yes, they took it down(after massive media attention), but they did put it up in the first place. So for your continued “enjoyment” (if only as a historical lesson) I give you (from the still fully operation battle-station at the UNH Department of Diversity) The Bias Free Language Guide.

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  • Can’t judge a book by it’s cover?
    It leads off with a “notable quote” from Melissa Harris hyphen Perry?
    Followed by a shopping list of known Social Justice Warrior debunked “Bullet Point” delusional battle cries?
    WHAT could go wrong?
    This ‘pamphlet” (disestablishmentarianism?) needs to be a MANDATORY prop on the bookshelves in ALL future productions of David Mamet’s “Oleanna”, along with a pair of scissors on a yarn lanyard!


      WHAT? No supportive quotes from Adolph and Joseph? That’s Hitler and Goebbels for you history challenged readers.

  • William

    The pain is felt by more than myself I am certain, when its realized just how much of humanity is sacrificed upon the altar of “Optics.” No thread of humanity is too much to abuse lose or bastardize in the name of accessing the levers of power.

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