Breaking - UNH Pulls Bias-Free Guide From Web Site. - Granite Grok

Breaking – UNH Pulls Bias-Free Guide From Web Site.

WMUR has the story here.

DURHAM, N.H. —The University of New Hampshire has removed from its website a “bias-free language guide” …

And they have. They retooled and shuffled and it is gone. (Of course I screen grabbed it so it’s not really gone.) But this is an interesting development and we are happy to be part of the outrage that lead to it being pulled.

But the idea behind the guide is not gone.  It lives and breathes in the UNH office of Diversity (and the home of Inclusive Excellence) that spawned it. This is a feature of the modern American university culture. It is wired in to their thinking. And I’d bet you taxpayer money it is embedded in the curriculum.

If anyone finds it there, by all means share it with us.

H/T Michael Reed c/o Facebook

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Added. Here is the list of Advisers to the UNH office of ‘diversity.’ It would be worth our time to discover if there are aspects of the Bias-Free Language Guide in their  public statements or work.

And give that the Bias-Free Language Guide was front and center to this program until today…Free Speech Advocates should consider this a who’s-who or who at UNH is most likely to be explaining why words like “America” are complicated in a diverse University culture.

The Advisory Council will provide oversight for monitoring, assessing, and supporting the implementation of the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan’s five strategic themes; Organizational Structure, Curriculum, Campus Climate, Recruitment and Retention, and Community Engagement.

2015-16 Membership:

Jaime Nolan Associate Vice President, Office of Community, Equity and Diversity
Ezra Temko Graduate Student Senate Representative
Cameron Cook Student Body President, Student Senate Representative
Ryan Grogan Studen Body Vice President, Student Senate Representative
Amy Cunningham Administrative Director of Discovery Program, Women’s Commission Co-Chair
Faina Bukher Educational Program Coordinator, Women’s Studies, Women’s Commission Co-Chair
Anna Metzger Educational Program Coordinator, Connect, People of Color Commission Co-Chair
Kanika Nevers Residence Hall Director, People of Color Commission Co-Chair
MaryAnne Lustgraaf Director, MUB/Student Activities, GLBT Commission Co-Chair
Megan Tucker Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center, GLBT Commission Co-Chair
Georgia Kerns Associate Professor, Education, Disability Commission Co-chair
Paul McNamara Associate Professor, Philosophy, Faculty Senate representative
Cathy Coakley Coordinator of Student Athletic Development, Diversity Team Representative
Larry Brickner-Wood University Chaplain, Waysmeet, Social Justice Educators Team Representative
Jennifer Hammond Information Technologist, PAT Council Representative
Janice Pierson Office Manager, Community, Equity and Diversity, Operating Staff Council Representative