GrokTALK! May 25th 2013 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! May 25th 2013

grok pay pal donate button300 x 300This week on Grok Talk!…

Kate Baker,  the Executive Director at The Network for Educational Opportunity, to talk about New Hampshire’s Education scholarship Program, parent and student rights, and value of education choice.

Laura Condon, New Hampshire State Director of Advocacy for the National Vaccine Information Center stops by to talk about vaccines, vaccination, New Hampshire House Bill 664–relative to the NH Vaccine  association, and why should contact your State Senator and tell them to vote no on this bill.

Karen Testerman, Former Candidate for Governor of New Hampshire and former Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research; on Jeanne Shaheen and the IRS, Jeanne Shaheen’s SB711, the potential for US Oil independence and its affect on our relations in the Middle East, The Muslim Brotherhood, and using freedom to end Freedom.

John Hikel, NH House Rep, on when government doesn’t work, holding legislators accountable, who the real extremists are, Constitutions, oaths, and obligations and the road back to them if such a road exists.

And Skip, Steve, Mike and crew manage to interject on Open-Road tolls, Lawn-Care, Beheadings, the liars Lois Lerner and Eric Holder, the strong arm of Kathleen Sibelius, marriage vows, and a few more tangents as well.

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