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A plug for Network for Educational Opportunity

Network for Educational Opportunity  (aka NEO)

Why shouldn’t be all about Freedom in Education – moving the Power from the teachers unions, school boards, and the Edu-Industrial Complex to the Parents?  Why does Education have to be location dependent – why can’t we make it truly child centered?  Here is the mission from NEO’s viewpoint:

“Scholarships from the Network for Educational Opportunity are building a bridge, for each child, from a bad situation to a better situation, from a school where a child is struggling, to a school where they have a chance to succeed.

Does the school system need reform? Absolutely. But a promise to work hard on reforming the school system won’t do anything for that child who’s struggling today. A NH Bridge Scholarship can help a child right now.

Thanks to a law passed by the New Hampshire legislature, businesses can receive a substantial tax credit 85% against BPT and/or BET for contributing to NH Bridge Scholarships from the Network for Educational Opportunity and help a child now.”

Their Vision and philosophy:

1. We believe in empowered parents.

We believe parents are the natural and rightful representatives and governors of their children’s preparation for life. They possess a sovereignty that is both a right and a responsibility and outweighs any claim a government may make to the lives of children.

We believe that liberty is the source of innovation and excellence.

We believe that parents, representing the best interests of their children, and empowered by liberty — free to choose, free to create, free to collaborate — constitute the greatest possible foundation for achieving educational excellence and the innovation that will drive it.

2. We believe in ownership of education by parents.

Ownership means parents direct their children’s education. When their children walk through the doors of a school or sit down to learn at home, they are studying under people and through vehicles parents have chosen.

But the courts have made it clear that if parents choose public schools for their children, they have no say in what is taught or who teaches it; parents become irrelevant to the education process.

Where parents have personal stake in their children’s education, where their opinions and desires are relevant, and they expect results from the investment they’re making, innovation and excellence flourish. This sense of personal stake naturally spills over to the children, who grow to embrace the responsibility of ownership.

People who enjoy ownership of their lives and future act more responsibly and contribute more to a healthy society than those who depend on others to define and direct them.

3. We believe in the power of people coming together.

Where people of like mind freely pull together to achieve great things, great things happen.

Where parents and all who love and care about excellent education — teachers, tutors, school providers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and community leaders — join hands and resources, a powerful force is loosed to bring about a new future for education and children.

The power of individuals to achieve their goals has always rested in their freedom and inclination to unite for common causes and is the working principle upon which this country was built.

Individuals coming together, in community, of their own free will and working for the betterment of one another is a proven success model.

4. We believe that the combination of liberty, ownership and community is transformational.

The liberty that drives action, the ownership that results in caring, and a community of united, like minded individuals is a recipe for success. It’s the recipe for true education reform — reform that does not just tweak the status quo and hope the storm will die down for a while, but a renewal that changes the very ways we define and deliver education and the outcomes we expect.

Parents empowered by ownership and liberty and working in union with people they trust form the foundation that will give us the education we want and that our children deserve.