Smartest President Ever…Part 3

by Steve MacDonald

King of executive orders, master of spending and debt, willing to by-pass congress if he has too….but no power to decide what spending increases get cut from his own Sequester bill.

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  • mer

    Screw it then. start with freezing spending at current rates, no more automatic increases, then do 2% across the board this year (even in defense), then 2% next year. Oh and that $800billion stimulus? Take that out of the budget, that was supposed to be a one time deal.
    Stupid 85billion for a government that is spending 10billion/day. Morons.

  • C. dog e. doG

    Well played, Steve. So far, I think the Republicans’ tactic of let the Magic Prez and Democratics stew in their own brew is a good one. Sure makes me laugh at BozO’s gesticulations (is that word o.k. Skip:-)?) and arm flapping. From my perspective, it’s darn near checkmate, but I have different rules for such than the average fruit pie multi-tasking talking head opinions radiating from the t.v. at home.
    – C. dog

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