NH Bill to Nullify Indefinite Detention Passes Committee Vote 16-0

by Steve MacDonald

The Tenth Amendment Center Blog is reporting that Dan Itse’s HB 399 has come out of committee slightly amended–stricter than when it went in–and is heading to the House floor with a recommendation to pass.

Rep. Dan Itse’s original bill provided for class A misdemeanor penalties on any state agent cooperating with indefinite detention. An amendment strengthened those penalties.

Any person who violates paragraph I shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of current New Hampshire law related to the applicable crime.

That could include felony kidnapping charges.

An amendment also urges the New Hampshire attorney general to support action against detention provisions written into the NDAA.

The general court urges the attorney general to initiate or support any lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the detainment provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.

Back on February 18th I asked if New Hampshire Democrats would vote for indefinite Detention.  The House floor is no committee, but so far the answer to that question is no.  They oppose it, and they are prepared to defend Granite Stater’s from this Federal overreach.

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