Black Swan: Obama’s actions created the TEA Party. Is the Establishment Old Guard Republicans are about to be black swanned?..

if you aren’t going to do what you say you would, we can no longer trust you

I am beginning to think so.  Certainly here in NH during the last two election cycles, the enmity between what I would call the Old Guard Establishment (e.g., “I’m a Republican because…..I’m a Republican” and “who the heck do these newcomers think they are, waving the Party Platform and Constitution?”) and what I call the New Conservative Republicans (e.g, “Winning is the precursor, not the end game in itself”) has only become more distinct and calcified along that gap call “Philosophy / Country Club”.  Do you run and win to put a philosophy into action, or do you run to be somebody and “go along / get along” and make nice with the opposition?  The TEA Party arose because of Obama’s so compressed the political air, the common folks sprang up in dissent – with their ire aimed at those that were throwing the country into a fiscal black hole and ignoring the basic Rule of Law.  That included Republicans as well as Democrats – people who had never before protested got a glint in their eye for those they believed were not living up to and voting by the standards they swore oaths to.

It took the Democrats by surprise.  It took Republicans more by surprise.  And both are reacting against the upstarts – simply because many of us have had it with the Political Class (comprised of both Dems and Rs and the MSM / political operatives) that is seemingly protecting itself against the best needs of the country and “the little people”.

Certainly we have well documented the struggle here in NH of the TEA Party – and its wins in the 2010 election and the subsequent Rule of Philosophy.  But the Democrats, in NH and nationwide, decided to demonize the TEA Party for obstructing they they believe to be their birthright to run and rule (not govern, but Rule) the county.  Here in NH this last cycle, the Democrats also called anyone and everyone of import a Free Stater – simply just those that want a small, limited Government.

You know, like the Founders?

Now, it seems like the “country clubbers” are bound and determined to follow in the tracks of the Democrats, especially here in NH.  Yes, we have documented that well (Wayne MacDonald’s rant that bloggers are derailing the NH GOP and certainly Jim Foley wanting to really institute a “Country Club” type of membership fee for State Committee Members.  I keep hearing stories of how the Establishment is drawing the battle lines across that gap and making it harder for those who actually believe in Conservative ideas over “bipartisanship” which almost always keeps moving the Overton Window further Left and further away from how this country was founded.

And it isn’t just NH – we are hearing that from Alaska, for instance and a couple of Southern states.  Maine has had “issues” and DaTechGuy has a couple of good reports of the Mass GOP convention  and plaintively reports:

In September of 2010 in Washington DC I interviewed tea party activists at a huge rally at the Capital and asked this question:

“Who here trusts the GOP?” Not a single hand went up

Now you know why.

If the party wants me and people like me they’ll have to earn me. When the GOP can convince me that they are serious about growing the party, when they convince me they are serious about treating the tea party et/al as valued members as opposed to a source of temp labor and occasional funds. I’ll be happy to return to the Republican Party in as public a fashion as I’ve just left it.

I am hearing this talk here in NH – what does the Party stand for?  No, not what does it say with its public face, but what is it really saying to the newcomers who see their country in trouble and gravitate towards the Rs simply because that seems closer to their beliefs?  They see Govt at all levels, but especially at the Federal level, attempting to Rule (Big “R”) instead of govern (small “g”).  have folks asking – why aren’t the US House Republicans impeaching (or trying to impeach) the President for his extra-Constitutional actions?  What are they doing to slow the rate of increase – and why does it look like the Rs don’t care (e.g., more for their careers than actually doing what they say they would).

DaTechGuy has gone independent.  Many folks who came to the Party 1 or 2 cycles ago are now giving up in disgust and doing the same.  Simple reason, really: if you aren’t going to do what you say you would, we can no longer trust you.

No equivicating, no nuance, no excuses.  Why should anyone spend their valuable VOLUNTEER time with folks that have other agendas.  If there is no common ground, no shared value, why bother after a sufficient amount of effort has been made?  Why should they “throw bad money after good?”

Why should I stick around when it is apparent that I am not welcome except under the Old Guard’s rules and values (which, pretty much, consorted with the Dems to put us into this current situation anyways)?

I’ve heard from a number of folks concerning this past election cycle – over how many votes the Libertarian Party go this time.  No, no big positions won, but it did sap votes from Republicans.  I think it REALLY amusing and EVEN MORE STUPID that these folks (and I would say the number talking about this is in the dozens of folks) would simple blame the LIbertarians for being in the way (and mucking it up).

And that would be wrong.  And wrong if it was some other Party entity as well (like the Constitution Party in NY).  Because the failing is not with them “being in the way”, it is the NH GOP:

  • losing in the arena of ideas
  • not keeping its word and to its Word.

We see that Karl Rove is trying to avenge his losses this cycle and about ready to take out the insurgent side of the GOP (er, is that such a wonderful idea when George Soros is all but blessing this evacuation of TEA Party types?); how successful can this be when you are bound and determined to wipe out the more vibrant part of the Party only to stick to the “Winning is everything” mantra (er, see above, aGAIN).  If the NH GOP is strictly the party of old white people, whaddya gonna do when half of them walk out on their own?:

As I solicit feedback from grassroots Republicans throughout the country in preparation for the 2014 elections, I’m struck by the deep sense of pain and disquiet that has penetrated the very core of our base.  They are witnessing a rogue regime that is dismantling every aspect of this country they love so dearly – one limb at a time.  They watch helplessly as a malevolent administration, which harbors no respect for our Founders and Constitution, works to destroy our free markets, saddles our children with incorrigible debt, infringes upon our liberties, assaults our family values, erases our borders, appeases our enemies, and abrogates the rule of law.  Hence, they see the demise of our Republic, with only feeble resistance to those engendering the decline.

It is the Prez Primary all over again: Who will fight for me (instead of fighting against me)?  Those that “fought” the perceived enemy at the time (the moderators like Georgie and Wolf and the others Lefty Obama supporters with MSM bylines) like Newt and Trump rose in the ratings at the time – yet the GOP just has ignored this unmet need.

I am hearing rumblings that there may be exoduses from the NH GOP – perhaps a mass exodus – of folks that are tired of being belittled (not necessary overtly, but in little subtle ways that are adding up to more than just an”irritation level”).

Hmmm, if the NH GOP doesn’t like the competition from the Libertarians, what would they do if a “counter” Republican Party was being set up parallel to it.  Or better yet (think this would distribute some real Paranoia?) set up inside of it?

That could be…..interesting….

by Skip

Co-founder of GraniteGrok, my concern is around Individual Liberty and Freedom (and how Government is taking that away from us). My fight, from a Conservative (with small “L” libertarian leanings) and evangelical Christian perspective, is with the Progressives that are forcing a collectivized and secular humanistic future upon us. As TEA Party activist, citizen journalist (and pundit!), my goal is to use the New Media to advance the radical notions of America’s Founders back into our culture again.