US Environmentalists Caught ‘Doping’ – Stripped of “2012 Hottest Year on Record” Title.

by Steve MacDonald

chicken littlePeople who want or need to believe that human activity makes the earth warmer (so their sad, pathetic lives have meaning?) were excited to ‘hear’ that 2012 was the hottest year on record.  It was in the news, I’m sure you must have heard it.

So was it?  Hot?  The hottest year on record? It was hot in the continental US.

But if you defer to the full definition of the term typically used by the Chicken Little Climate Alarmist Community (which is not Anthropogenic “Continental United States” Warming), it was only the 9th hottest year out of the last 34.

The Climate denier-deniers ran into trouble when they jumped all over left-leaning NOAA reports that the US was quite warm last year.  But Global Warming actually refers to the entire globe…not just the (we have been told) unexceptional United States.  And it would be arrogant for American Democrats to unilaterally demand that everyone else on the planet use our weather as their weather, to advance their Geo-political agenda, when places like China and Russia have been experiencing lower than normal average temperatures (and extremely severe winters) in 2012.

Iowa versus central Asia, those averages will kill you every time; just like that European Earth Systems Dynamics report that claims human activity isn’t statistically significant as a factor in global temperature change.  Ouch.  That had to hurt.  And last October we found out the planet had or had not warmed an average of zero degrees in the last 16 years?

It’s not warmer and it’s not us?  It really stinks when people throw science at your “science.”  Makes you want to burn stacks of tires and leave all the incandescent light bulbs on.

I wonder if they can all get an interview with Oprah?


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