More and more, are Progressives pushing for a different kind of “Cliff”? Careful what you fear monger…

by Skip

I put this post up yesterday (“I really hope that Kelly Ayotte, BFF with John McCain, is not playing this game”) after seeing what Captain’s Quarters had posted about a possible end run around the US Senate rules as they stand right now – but it would lend itself to passing all kinds of mischief to Liberty and Freedom without the “Senate governor” known as the Filibuster.  But there was more to that post along the lines of what a number of us are seeing around the blogosphere – that other folks are getting extremely uneasy about the ramifications of the Left driving the culture.  Always pushing, pushing, pushing, and pushing in changing American life to new norms – to secular Progressive (and Socialist) values.  In essence, the slippery slope is getting tilted more and more with buckets of glycerine thrown onto it.

Many Conservative folks (and lately, just ordinary non-political folks) are really starting to feel put upon by the constant din of “change your values – to what we say they should be” via the mainstream media, the culture makers of tv, movies, and music, and politics in loud, soft, and discrete ways and manners.  However, it seems that the Progressives / gun-grabbers are switching gears and have now moved to going full out on what many see as inner core of American Freedom – wrapped in the ideas of the Right to self-defense, Citizen sovereignty and primacy over the State as people start examining and studying primary documents of our founding, and the proper role of Government……and feeling that Government, at the behest of Progressives, is far overstepping its bounds.  It’s called the Second Amendment

Instead of the inanely stupid euphemisms of “gun control” or “gun violence” or “gun safety” or any other focus grouped “non-confrontation phrases”, many are seeing themselves sanctioned for gun removal and confiscation – and left defenseless not just before criminals but a tyrannical government (which, by this action, is starting to show itself to be exactly that).  They feel they are being made into, not victims, but pariahs on the scale of sex offenders (except Progressives can forgive the latter and make excuses for them).  If these potential gun grabber bills become law, gun owners see this as Government reaching into their homes and lives to punish them for actions they have not committed.  In actuality, many on the Left have actively called for their deaths, to be thrown in jail, and to be marked for life simply for not wanting to give up things that are perfectly legal to own – to be treated as dangerous criminals.

The Progressives, as a result of the last election AND taking advantage and politicizing of a tragedy that should be off limits, may well be on their way to creating another TEA Party movement – except this won’t be just a political movement.  And they either don’t or won’t recognize what they are doing – or are doing so with full knowledge that they are WANTING to create another crisis.  Problem is, this might be a crisis they won’t be able to control (or if they do, nothing short of a military State will be the result – sorta like North Korea).  From CQ:

Finally, if new gun control measures pass to the President’s desk (in which case he will surely sign the measures into law), it means more than just new background checks. All semi-automatic firearms will be taxed, required to be submitted to the ATF for approval, controlled from crossing state lines, and prohibited from being bequeathed to your children or grandchildren in your wills. Violation of any of these rules will turn you into an instant felon. Of course, this would mean a resistance for which America isn’t prepared.

 Karl Denninger writes:

 It is time for We The People to take a stand, as did John Hancock, Richard Stockton, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Penn, Arthur Middleton and others.

 Your right to life is not bestowed by government. Your right to liberty is not bestowed by government. Government never possessed those rights and you cannot bestow what you do not first lawfully possess.

 You right to life and liberty were bestowed by your creator. Those rights inure to each and every one of us by virtue of being human. And here’s the point which many of you wish not to discuss:

 A right without the ability and willingness to defend it is no right at all.”

 Bob Owens writes:

 “The Second Amendment of the United States was never written to protect hunting or target shooting. It was written by men who had just fought a successful armed revolution against the most advanced military of their day, and who wanted to ensure that future generations would be armed with weapons of contemporary military utility in order to stand against the day that once more, tyrants would attempt to consolidate power and lord over the people as their betters.

 “Any attempt to take the contemporary arms of military utility our Founders wanted us to have, which includes the standard magazines and clips used in these firearms, is an act of tyranny that the Founders would recognize as an event justifying the use of force to retain our freedoms.”

 “Tread carefully.”

 Brandon Smith writes:

 “There is no ambiguous or muddled separation between the citizenry and the government anymore. The separation is absolute. It is undeniable. It is vast. It is only a matter of time and momentum, and eventually there will be unbridled oppression, dissent, and conflict. All that is required is a trigger, and I believe that trigger has arrived…”

 Mike Hendrix writes:

 “This is a society preparing for war,” writes Bob Owens.

 “Reluctantly, almost unwillingly, it should be noted. But the sad truth is, war is already being made upon it, and has been for a long time now. Said society has been more than patient, more than tolerant. But eventually, enough is enough. Everyone has their limit; freedom-loving Americans’ has very nearly been reached. A few more steps over the line, and the kettle is going to boil over.”

 “Any liberal-fascists who think we’re all going to go gently into that good night really, really need to reconsider. We all have to hope they do. But we all have to be prepared for the possibility, the likelihood, that they mightn’t. “This far, no further” is more than just an empty slogan.”

 “Gird your loins.”

 Alan Halbert writes:

 “We are in far more danger from these actions of our own government than from another Sandy Hook atrocity by a crazed killer.”

 “The Second Amendment’s purpose is to provide for the citizens’ defense from all who would deny their natural God- given right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” against a criminal, a foreign or domestic enemy, or our own government. We will witness the end of the Republic if this proposed legislation is passed, since all of our rights flow from the citizen’s ability to defend them.”

 “As for this citizen, I will never disarm or surrender my Second Amendment rights, much less willingly comply with such a traitorous act of Congress if enacted… it is actions like these that light revolutionary fervor in a nation and its citizens. It did so in 1776 and it will do so again.”

 John Jay writes:

 “…when it is done, and the regime defeated, no one will talk about what he did in the war. It shall have been terrible, and brutal. Executions, murders, assassinations and the inevitable collateral damage shall be the issue of the day. This is the price that those who attempt to impose a totalitarian regime in the America’s shall face. Many of us will die, and some shall become iconic photos hanging from lamp posts, stripped naked and hoisted by their ankles, as final witness and testimony to their arrogance.”

 “Those who seek to take our weapons trifle with history, heritage and firmly held belief. It should be remembered, those of us who believe this way are god fearing, and shall invoke and beseech our God for support. We have a religious underpinning and faith that shall carry us through this, as opposed to those who seek to suppress us. They have nothing but naked ambition to sustain them.”

 “Do Obama, Pelosi, and Feinstein have the stomach for this sort of conflict? Are they willing to initiate, in order to try and gain the rule they aspire to? We shall find out.”

 Western Rifle Shooter’s Association writes:

 “Understand that once the ball opens, there will be no stopping the righteous fury of viciously-indignant Americans, especially once the 2013 versions of Waco and Ruby Ridge are re-enacted by Regime loyalists across the nation.”

 “No one associated with the Federal government or its mutant-twin ruling parties will be safe.”

 “Especially once the guys with the scoped hunting rifles come in.”

 Mike Vanderboegh writes that there would be a revolution if the government confiscates weapons, and Herschel Smith warns that there will be resistance and writes that the resistance won’t be “the peaceful kind.” If it goes to the point of forcible implementation of the proposed legislation, it will be awful, bloody, violent and extreme. Right now we don’t know for certain what will happen in Washington. But depending upon that outcome, what will happen all across America has been written. 1.6 billion rounds of handgun ammunition won’t be nearly enough for the government.

 You’ve been warned.

I no longer think that these are the rantings of conspiracy theorists in a cellar lighted only by the glare of an LCD screen.  The tone and the tenor doesn’t match up to that – the the men AND ladies I meet in the gun shops (and elsewhere) are starting to get a certain cast to their shoulders and a hard-edged glint in their eyes.  Many are starting to think that something is coming that they don’t want to see – but there is no quavering or equivocating in their voices.

To paraphrase  Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail: “Will Progressives choose wisely?”  Or believe that all will go weak kneed?  I got started in active politics answering a Liberal’s question back in 2006:

Finally, if you believe in this mission, whatever it really is, are you willing to die or send your children to die for it?

My response was this (emphasis added now):

For me, the “Big Three” are my faith, my family, and the ideals and security of my country. Yes, I would be willing to go to ensure that my family and friends would not. I have never served in the military nor come from a military family. But I know that our freedom, at times, needs to be repurchased with blood and sacrifice.

Many Liberals seem to forget one thing. We are SO blessed in SO many ways that many Liberals believe that they only have to discuss a topic (sometimes to an illogical end) to resolve conflict with anyone. This is unlike what many in other parts of the world know – debate works only with reasonable, thoughtful people. As long as there are those that wish to dominate others (from petty purse snatchers to murderous tyrants), there will be times when the only answer is FORCE; one cannot debate them to convince them to renounce their actions – the only answer and way to stop them is FORCE.

The second (and false) premise contained in this question is that adult parents deliberately send their children to die. No one sends their children to die – that is a foolish statement to make. I marvel at the example of the Greatest Generation – they were not sent, they just went. They stopped the Nazi fascism that was as deadly as Islamofascism is today [and as I have come to realize, 7 years later, Progressivism]. They intuitively understood what was at stake; none of this ruinous chatter that we are the problem, we don’t understand the enemy, why do they hate us, our government is always bad, and many other empty platitudes. They believed in the promise of the American way, they were proud of their country, and they were willing to sacrifice for it.

So no, my son is not “sent” by me. He just went – he went to Iraq in the good company of other U.S. Marines, did his duty, and (thankfully) returned (and yes, my heart goes out to those parents and families whose loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice). Not sent – went! [And I can add my Youngest, who served honorably with the 101st Airborne].

I have now answered these questions. Now I ask Liberals to please answer mine. I am attacking that straw man that the Left often throws up: I AM questioning your patriotism as for I have seen no evidence of it. Ms / Mr. Liberal, for what ideal or cause are you willing to die for?

Update I: Another one – from Deth Guild (an online gamers blog):

…That being said, when roused to anger, the people of the United States are the most fearful and dreadful thing known to mankind. When the list of “usurpations and abuses” at last grows truly intolerable, these joyful, peace-loving people become possessed of the most horrible resolve, and woe to those to stirred such a hornet’s nest – and God-help those who supported them in it.

How many countless times have would-be tyrants – in our presence and outside of it – forgotten this uniquely American trait? How many times have the citizens of the United States been shoved and violated until unleashing the very deepest pits of hell remains the last, best option?

…Everywhere we set our gaze, we patriots see battle-space preparation – both mental and physical. The government passes laws and edicts useless to a free people, but indispensable to tyrants. The great agents of provocation and rhetoric have stepped forth, both amongst the people, and against them. Both sides are in the process of arming themselves on an unprecedented scale. And we the people have coarsened and began dehumanizing one another – for only then, after we have reduced “the other side” to maggots, can we Americans properly commence slaying our countrymen with a zeal no other people can match.

Hmmmm.  How bad is it geting where Pravda (PRAVDA?!?!?!) is warning US Citizens to not let themselves be disarmed: ““No it is about power and a total power over the people.”

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