Bringing Civility to Concord….uh…..Not?

by Steve MacDonald

Democrats claimed they would bring civility to Concord but as Rick Olsen observed here, at the hearing for HB 135, the Democrat committee chair yelled at the people who had come to the hearing–because they applauded when they liked what they heard.

“…We are forced to sit here and suffer through this…I am not going to tolerate this!”

I can feel the civility from here. (ouch!)

Forced to suffer through what you ask?   Through the New Hampshire Democrat’s unnecessary effort to pass a bill to roll back an existing law for no reason, which Jenn Coffey contrasts nicely in comments to the linked post above….

Well, we are all forced to take time from family and our jobs to deal with this because of her party’s desire to take away our right to life.

Democrat House Representative Laura Pantelakos, the committee chair, is only forced to sit through hearings because her party is obsessed with overturning existing stand your ground laws that have yet to satisfy any of the fear-mongering Democrats engage in as justification for the change through which she now “suffers.”

I guess you should have left well-enough alone.


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