Bringing Civility to Concord….uh…..Not?

by Steve MacDonald

Democrats claimed they would bring civility to Concord but as Rick Olsen observed here, at the hearing for HB 135, the Democrat committee chair yelled at the people who had come to the hearing–because they applauded when they liked what they heard.

“…We are forced to sit here and suffer through this…I am not going to tolerate this!”

I can feel the civility from here. (ouch!)

Forced to suffer through what you ask?   Through the New Hampshire Democrat’s unnecessary effort to pass a bill to roll back an existing law for no reason, which Jenn Coffey contrasts nicely in comments to the linked post above….

Well, we are all forced to take time from family and our jobs to deal with this because of her party’s desire to take away our right to life.

Democrat House Representative Laura Pantelakos, the committee chair, is only forced to sit through hearings because her party is obsessed with overturning existing stand your ground laws that have yet to satisfy any of the fear-mongering Democrats engage in as justification for the change through which she now “suffers.”

I guess you should have left well-enough alone.


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  • well, that sucks….turned into a “Norweigan” in a single post again…

    • C. dog e. doG

      Bingo! Goose, meet Gander.
      – C. dog

  • Given the subject matter of the hearing, it seems a little ironic that you were so intimidated when the chairman— gasp!— YELLED at you.

    • nhsteve

      You really do not read anything you remark on do you?

      1) where did I say I that I was there? (Note the part where I say “As Rick Olsen Observed…)

      2) what did I say that suggested I was intimidated? (Please do point that out for us.)

      Take your time. You’ll have to step outside the blue bubble to actually read what I wrote in its actual context, as opposed to the context you seem to have created to fit your desired outcome.

      Here, let me help.

      A Democrat committee chair is complaining about having to suffer through a hearing that would not even have been held if her meddling caucus had left well enough alone. There was no practical reason to change the law except for an ideological obsession against it.

      The fact that she had to get uncivil was just the icing on the cake the Democrats made her eat and if anyone was intimidated at all it was probably the committee chair and every other Democrat who voted to ban guns from the state house; why else do that in advance of this unless you are…what’s the word…intimidated by the presence of armed, law abiding, fellow, citizens.?

    • C. dog e. doG

      Lil’ timmy horrigan, timid as he wet himself again.

      Hope you have a nice, soft, absorbent cushion upon which to sit under the gilded dome. Methinks you might need it when big scary people show up in the galley to voice their disapproval of your frantic antics. Maybe a few well-muscled union folk will show up.
      – C. dog, snark-raving mad

    • Tim…are you an opportunist? or a rank a**hole? Intimidation? yeah, not a chance. Like I said in my post, it was amusing…amusing, I tell ya. So, do yourself a favor…go back and read Steve’s post AGAIN…read my post that is linked…and if you are challenged by reading comprehension or seeing context that simply isn’t there, remember, one less glass of Kool-Aid might help and “Hukt on Fonicks werkt for manee!”

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