“Are you guys incompetent, or what?”

by Skip

I hardly ever watch anything on CNBC – although after this, perhaps I should watch MarisaBartiromo more often.  After all, how cool is that for a media person to call a sitting US Senator incompetent to his face on national TV (all ratings aside, it STILL is a national TV show)?  Them be words that could get a whole lot of other TV anchors fired on the spot.  She is right however – this “Fiscal Cliff” is a Congress-made disaster that could have been solved a long time ago but for the fact that a “crisis” allows one to string up your political opponent in hopes that the public brings out the long knives for them (and hopefully not you) and that many of these “self-assured incompetents” refuse to make the hard political decision in fear that they’d lose their 1% salaries and bennies (not to mention the power and control that accrue to these Senatorial dainties).

You also gotta love the love from the traders on the floor after Ben Cardin (D-Maryland) has left the screen, giving her props.

(H/T: The Blaze)

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