Decay Point

by Scott Morales

Hostess-strike-biddefordSocietal decay has many symptoms.  One of which that mottles our society like a cancerous blotch on the drooping bosom of freedom is the unending, unforgiving, and unyielding sense of entitlement –entitled to things coming not just from government, but directly from fellow citizens as well.

The expression supposedly uttered from Marie Antoinette to the people suffering from a bread shortage, “let them eat cake” has been transposed and inverted to the 21st century version of “let them never eat golden sponge cake again,” coming from not a Queen, but from a whaling union worker as a union strike eats the last Twinkie and a bakery shuts its doors, laying off 18,000 workers (if you want the details, Google it for yourself).

My point is we’ve been in an employment abyss for so long, still with no end in sight, and some feel entitled to do better than the rest of us and refuse to accept an employment deal because it’s not cushy enough. The result of this myopia is the closing of an entire company, thereby increasing unemployment, increasing dependency on Food Stamps, while simultaneously decreasing the options of bake goods to purchase with those stamps. You gotta love that. That’s some move. Only a society inebriated from delusional entitlement can ensnare itself into such a trap.

So, all the vacuous lefty, liberal claims of “we’re in this together” really translates to “we’re in this together, so long as we do better than you”. I suspected as much.  That is the natural result of collectivism’s farcical attempt to equalize the outcomes of the masses. In such a case someone must play the role of the equalizer, if you’re for collectivism, better hope it’s your side doing the equalizing.  Looks like those 18,000 weren’t on the side of the equalizer. It’s a shame.

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