Data Point – A tidbit from the Presidential race – if it means anything at all

by Skip

FWIW: The Corner:

But wait, just in case this wasn’t bad enough, here’s a look at Obama’s vote margin in some key states as of this afternoon (these figures will change a bit as those straggling precincts report in):

Virginia: 107,339          Ohio: 100,763           Florida: 47,493          Colorado: 111,094

Nevada: 66,379          Total: 433,068

So for less than 500,000 votes where it counted, Mitt Romney could have had 281 votes in the Electoral College this morning. There have been about 118 million votes tallied nationwide so far.

0.4% made a difference, as long as it was in the right place to make a difference.  Obama’s data mining made that difference happen.

The RNC needs to do the same.  For that matter, so does the NH GOP who STILL hasn’t realized that the joke that campaigning never stops here in NH – but they mostly mean the Presidential First In The Nation Primary (which will start next week, albeit in places far from NH). Am really wondering if the NH GOP Executive Board has a clue as to how Ray Buckley beat them up six ways to Sunday….


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