Are We at Their “Collective” Mercy?

The State Constitution says that you must be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote here.

The legal definition of domicile is your residence.  By law you can only have one of these.

But Judge Lewis allowed the ACLU’s “love the one you are with” definition of domicile to supersede the common law definition.  Anyone can claim to live here to vote without having to so for any other purpose.   Until that is resolved there is nothing ‘technically’ illegal about it; this ruling is, as I have said before, legalizing the theft of elections for the purpose of indefinite one-party rule.

It is, for all intents and purposes, the tyranny of factionalism we were long ago warned about.  It is a sanctioned left wing mob complete with the potential for a perennial lynching at the ballot box.

The tyranny will continue for as long as they can get these out of state voters to the polls to vote for their agenda.  And if the New Hampshire judiciary does not provide a remedy someone will have to take this all the way to the US Supreme court, to decide the matter of domicile for voting purposes…again.  (I say again, because they’ve already done it in the Indiana Voter ID case, and Judge Lewis, the ACLU, the League of Women vote stealers, the out of state college students, and the NH Democrat party are on the wrong side of that decision.)

Does anyone think for a second that Maggie Hassan’s AG will do such a thing if needed?  Hassan and her party are in office as a result of that very thing.  They have no incentive to overturn that which provides them a distinct advantage.  In fact, they would more likely stand in defense of Judge Lewis in any and every challenge.

Consider the irony in that?

The left uses the courts to redefine domicile in New Hampshire to give it an electoral advantage which we can never overcome at the ballot box in our own state.   There is no elected majority that will take up the cause to vacate the ruling.  There is no majority that will even agitate to have the case re-heard.  The liberal Judge Lewis can sit on his ass as long as he is encouraged or inclined to do so.   And as long as out of state students can vote here, as long as out of state anyone can vote here, the true residents of the Granite State will never truly have their voices heard at the ballot box or anywhere else.

The only voice will be that of a manufactured left wing majority constructed of left-leaning out of staters who can not only rely on the professional left to keep them on their side, but who will also drive them to the polls when needed.  And if they are truly ambitions they can “domicile” out of state “student” voters anywhere in the state they need them, for any election, warrant article, budget, or other measure, at any level of government, in which they take a vested interest.

Short of housing  thousands of reliable Republicans “on extended business in the state” from elsewhere, all across the state, who are both willing and able to declare temporary domicile for voting purposes here in New Hampshire, we are powerless to prevent it.

We are at their collective mercy; good thing for them they have none.

I expect the Democrat New Hampshire House will now try hard to unravel the tightening ID requirements for upcoming elections.  That ID requirement still stands.  And it stands in their way.  So look for quick and repeated volleys–like Palestinian rockets landing in Israel–to blow holes in it before 2014.

As for your part…every town needs at least one resident voter checklist guru.  Someone who will take the time to observe and report on the voting traffic in their precincts, and who is willing to ask uncomfortable questions about any out of state voters who come and go and how they may be affecting the outcome of local elections.

You don’t have to blog every day.  You don’t have to march or show up at rallies.  Just collect data, observe, and report.  Report to us if you want.  But don’t ignore the tyranny on your own doorstep.  We won’t, but we need your help.