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To New Hampshire Democrat Aaron Gill – About That ‘Free From Out Of State Influence’ Thing…

This makes an excellent followup to what Skip just wrote about the DLCC endorsing a local New Hampshire Democrat.

Speaking about New Hampshire legislators that same Democrat candidate, Aaron Gill (Hillsborough 39) writes

We expect their personal conduct to reflect the character of New Hampshire citizens, that the work of the people will be conducted openly, fairly, and consistently, and that our neighbors in Concord will make independent decisions.

Most importantly, we expect members of the House to represent us free from the constraints of pledges, free from rigid ideology, and free from the goals of out-of-state interests.

This is a direct quote from Aaron’s Act Blue donations page. (I’m not linking to it, but I cached it)

What does it say (out of the gate) about the conduct and character of a candidate who is only collecting donations to his campaign through a third party aggregater, based outside New Hampshire?

As of this writing, there are no reports we can look at to tell us who has, so far, donated to the open and fair Arron Gill.  The only way to donate to his campaign is through the third party, out of state ActBlue.

If it is of any consequence, the three committee reports filed by ActBlue NH in 2012, with the New Hampshire secretary of state are completely illegible.  (I have emailed the SoS to request that they address this).  I only bring it up because it is an odd coincidence.  Whether we will even find donors to Mr. open and fair’s campaign remains to be seen.

Arron is also endorsed by the SEIU, AFL-CIO, and  the AFT-NH.  Talking about ideology, the AFT-NH survey was one of the most ideologically driven things I have ever seen.  And no questions about educating children, strange for a ‘Teachers Union.”  Arron must have answered the questions properly to get endorsed.

And the Democrat Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)… is run out of Washington DC.  Big on Ideological out of state influence.

So Aaron does not appear to be free from rigid ideology nor from the goals of out of state interests, and his campaign contributors are hidden from view.

Just saying.