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October Surprise – Democrat Party Civil War “Clinton’s vs. Obama’s”

clinton obama fued over BenghaziThree Days ago I suggested that someone had to take the blame for Benghazi and the cover up and that the Clinton’s would never let that ruin Hillary’s chances at a future Presidential run, or at the very least would they let it spoil their place in history.  I summed it up like this.

This cannot be disguised as some conspiracy theory.  Americans died – Obama lied.  So someone has to swing and I can’t see Clinton taking the fall, or taking it alone.

Seeing as we are talking about the blamer-in-chief, finger-pointer extraordinaire, narcissistic child-president, there is no way he (Obama) is taking the blame for this. He has czars and secretaries of this or that to take the blame, that is why they are there, at least in his mind.  But that particular act of arrogance (against Hillary Clinton) might be all that is needed to topple him completely.  And Friday, Jay Carney got the ball rolling by inferring that State is responsible for handling security at the embassies not the White House.

Gauntlet thrown.  Let the civil war begin.

Clinton biographer Ed Klein on Friday reported that Bill Clinton, sensing Obama’s political team wants to pin legal and political blame on the State Department and Hillary Clinton, has been working on doomsday and contingency scenarios “to avoid having Benghazi become a stain on her political fortunes should she decide to run for president in 2016.”


Bill Clinton is a loathsome human being, and he and his harpy wife, scrabbling for the power and attention they are addicted to, will not go quietly into this goodnight.

According to Klein’s sources, Bill Clinton has assembled an informal legal team in case there are cables or other evidence that would legally implicate Hillary. Klein also told The Daily Caller that Bill has even considered advising Hillary to resign if the Obama administration tries to make her the “scapegoat.

Talk about a ‘Distraction.’  I’m making popcorn.  This could be the best three weeks of the entire campaign season.  And the best, bestiest, best part ever?  The media coverage of this was so dense (several meanings apply) that even otherwise disinterested consumers of spoon-fed, low-grade network news know all about this.  There is no escape.

How sweet it would be if this took them all down together.