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NH Voter ID Law Challanged by Democrat Front Groups Too Stupid To Be Able To Breathe on Their Own

This is really just too good to be true, right?  The Left Wing League of Women Voters and the American Uncivil Left-Wing-Liberties Union, have filed suit in New Hampshire on behalf of four “out of state college students” who want to vote here, but don’t want to be subject to any other laws pertaining to domicile.

Follow the stupidity closely because Democrats all over the state of New Hampshire are going to want to pile on to this, and you will want to make sure you are prepared to repeat what I am about to tell you so that you may smote them where they stand.

From Joan Ashwell, League of Women Vote Stealers…

‘‘Students are left with either signing a statement that doesn’t reflect New Hampshire laws or being forced to give up their constitutional right to vote,’’ said Joan Ashwell, election law specialist for the League of Women Voters of New Hampshire.

Actually, Joan, they do have another option.  It’s called the absentee ballot.  It’s this thing where people who are someplace else can still vote in their own home town, by mail.   This way people who have to be someplace they don’t live, can still vote where they live.  And Joan?  Every state I am aware of allows college students matriculating out of state to use them.  And if it matters, absentee ballots are also the number one choice of Democrats who are interested in committing voter fraud anywhere…right after arguing that people who do not want to be subject to domicile laws should still be able to pretend they live in Hew Hampshire so they can vote Democrat.

One more problem for Joan, before she gets too carried away in New Hampshire; the League of women voters also challenged the Indiana voter ID law in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board.  One of the “Indiana voters” in the League’s amicus brief, used as an example of someone who had difficulty voting because of the Indiana voter ID law, was trying to use a Florida drivers license to vote in Indiana.   As it turns out, she was also registered to vote in Florida where she owned a home and had filed for a homestead exemption on her property taxes–that’s only available to state residents.  So the woman who had been “denied the right to vote” in Indiana was a Florida resident, registered to vote in Florida and more than able to vote by absentee there and…would have voted in Indiana had the ID law not prevented it.  The law prevented vote fraud.

I wonder if any of the students she is representing have Florida drivers licenses?

Moving on?

Claire Ebel, director of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union, compared the new law to an unconstitutional poll tax, saying it would discriminate against students who couldn’t afford to register their cars and pay driver’s license fees.

Um.  Claire?  If it is a poll tax to require students to register their cars or pay drivers license fees like every other person who lives in New Hampshire, then it must also be a poll tax for everyone else who lives in New Hampshire who can’t walk to where they vote.  We all have to register our cars and pay for a drivers license.  We all have to buy gas to put in our cars.   But just for you Claire, I’ll ask.

Show of hands.  Who in New Hampshire can walk to where they vote?  Not too many.  Holy crap Claire, time for a class action lawsuit.  And not just New Hampshire.  Every frikking state in the nation is discriminating against a super super majority of voters by requiring them to register their cars and pay for a drivers license, just so they can get to a polling place.  What’s next, cab fare, bus fare, and subway tokens—poll taxes!!

Claire?  You there?  Hello?  Claire?  Guess what would solve your so-called presumption that such costs are a poll tax?  Voting absentee ballot in their own home town would solve that Claire, which these college students have not been prevented from doing.  Wait.  Cost of postage…a poll tax!

Claire has allowed her left-wing palm-card-rhetoric to cloud whatever passes for common sense between her ears.  But we’re not buying it.

And Claire, Joan, I am not stupid.  I know that the entire point of the suit is not about poll taxes, or college students voting rights.  Isn’t it time to come clean?   The point is to suspend the law for this November so that out of state left wing voters (college students) can stuff local ballot boxes for Barack Obama in a swing state he desperately needs and (possibly) give bat Gurl–Democrat candidate for governor–a little boost in the process.

And this is a big problem for Claire, and Joan, and the NH Democrat party;  making all those kids sign the waiver and lie under oath, and break the law,  is probably more than most of their left-wing professors or town Democrat party Chairs can convince them to overcome.  But simply suspending the law for this one tiny election, could be just enough to get Obama the votes he needs to win New Hampshire.

You all know I’m right.  Even Claire and Joan know it is true.

Yes…please call your state reps  or anyone that matters, and let them know, that you know, whats up.  Do not let the Democrats get away with this.

And not that it matters, but after ID was passed in Indiana, voter participation rose, and the anti ID harpies have still not been able to produce an actual voter who lived there, who was prevented from voting as a result.

And the climb in New Hampshire is even higher for the League of Women Vote Stealers,  and not just becasue the Indiana case they lost is settled law all the way to the Supreme court…but becasue in New Hampshire the people they are trying to “defend” are admitting they do not even live here.