SEIU Tells You Which Republicans You Should Avoid…by Endorsing them.

by Steve MacDonald

Unions - Proud Owners Of The Democrat Party

Unions - Proud Owners Of The Democrat Party

 The SEIU has just informed Republicans who NOT to vote for.  For this, we are thankful.

The SEIU (SEA-NH), Obama’s shock troops, the same folks who beat up black conservatives ( or refuse to denounce such behavior), have endorsed the following “(r)epublicans” in New Hampshire.

In Belknap District 8, SEA/SEIU has endorsed Rep. Peter Bolster (R), of Alton.  Bolster is train wreck.  He barely votes with his own party half the time.  If you want a Republican you should be voting  for Jane Cormier, to get Bolster out of the House and with any luck, out of our Party.

SEIU Member Adam Hopkins is pretending to be a Republican in Cheshire District 10. Adam is another union hack  ‘fighting for Democrat values, like spening more of your money or filtering it through state employees forced union tithing, into the campaign coffers of Democrats.  His opponent is Michael J. Walsh–whom the SEIU has just told you is the better Republican in that race.

In Cheshire District 11 the violent left wing, Obama supporting union has endorsed Rep. Richard Dwinell (R) and Rep. Susan Emerson (R). Emerson is an entrenched cry-baby who might pass for an independent, but the SEIU endorsement just loaded her up with all their left wing luggage.   That means that the real Republicans in these races are Rep. Eric Jackman and Rep. John B. Hunt.


In Coos District 7 the SEIU has endorsed Republican Democrat Rep. William (RINO-Bill) Remick, who continues to pretend to be a Republican and needs to stop hiding in the GOP skirts.  He belongs on the left side of the aisle, where his more moderating influece can pull the extremist left closer to where New Hampshire citizens think and breathe.  But as along as he continues to pretend to be something else, the actual Republican candidate in that race is Leon Rideout.


In Rockingham District 19  the SEIU has endorsed Rep. Tim Copeland (R).  Copeland is a member of the SEIU and as such has much to atone for, particularly its’ massive investment in time and money into electing the most far left President in history.  He is running for one of two seats against four other Republicans.  Thanks to the SEIU, you know who not to vote for.


In Rockingham District 13, the SEIU has endorsed Rep. David Welch (R) and Kevin St. James (R).  St.James is another PFFNH Democrat, fronted by the left wing union PAC to go to Concord for the sole purpose of voting against Right to Work.  Much Like Kevin Janvrin, who was another Fire-fighter Democrat lurking in the GOP –and elected for the same purpose (who did his job and is not running again), St. James will not represent the people of his district.  He will show up for union votes and very little else, unless the Democrats need some help.  (PFFNH only supports Democrats and fake Republican plants meant to undermine the GOP, as does the SEIU).  David Welch has been around a while, and is more respected in the party, but he’s walking a very fine line when it comes to supporting the platform.  As a guy under the 80/20 threshold, he’s OK on most issues but he would do well to denounce the SEIU endorsement and start tacking a bit more to the right lest he suffer for it.

(Note to the word-smiths at the SEIU.  Hillsborough–as in Counthy–is not spelled ‘Hillsboro.’  So yes, these spelling errors come directly from the SEIU 1984 endorsement page.  You can thank the articles author, Beth D’Ovidio, SEIU 1984 ‘communications’ administrator for the New Hampshire State Employees Union.)

In Hillsboro District 19 (that’s Hillsborough) the SEIU has endorsed Rep. Carlos Gonzales (R).  I would like to make a plea to Rep Gonzales, whose scores and ratings are worse than David Welch.  Having the SEIU as your friend is bad.  It should serve as a warning that your principles are becoming too fungible.  By embracing them, you are turning to the dark side.  The SEIU supports very un-Republican ideas, like socialism, for example.  Your call.


In Hillsboro District 21 (that’s Hillsborough) the SEIU has endorsed incumbent Rep. Kathy Stroud.  Stroud falls outside the 80/20 rule on every survey, which is a hallmark of union members–which she is–who are too moderate to run as Democrats.  Kathy is also one of my reps and is not being challenged in any primary this year.  She need to be defeated becasue by toeing the SEIU line, she continues to endorse everything the SEIU and the Democrat party stands for.  I’m sorry I can’t support that.  The SEIU is a nasty, intolerant lot of socialist thugs who extort money from their members to advance the entire Democrat agenda.  You can be in a union and not support that but defending the entire forced funding mechanism (and the rhetoric that goes with it) by which all the evil they do against our great nation is made possible, is more complicity than I care to stand. My suggestion is that residents in Hillsborough 21 vote for newcomers Phil Straight and Dan Oberlander, current reps Jeanine Notter, Lenette Peterson, Dick Barry, Dick Hinch, Tony Pellegrino, and Joe Thomas.


I’m screen capping this one as is…In Hillsboro District 29 SEA endorsed Rep. Mike McCarthy (R).  Mike is a member of IBEW and running for re-election in Nashua Ward 2.  He is running against three other Republican candidates, two of whom are tied to the Liberty Caucus….(Because lord knows, you don’t want State Reps who are interested in protecting your liberty.  And its Hillsborough.)


In Hillsboro District 40 (that’s Hillsborough) the SEIU endorsed Rep. Benjamin Linn (R), a member of the American Postal Workers Union.  So Republicans need to vote for incumbent Gary Daniels (R)–easy enough.


In Merrimack District 9 the SEIU has endorsed long time Republican Democrat incumbent Rep. Priscilla Lockwood, a union school teacher and promoter of the Democrat party agenda.  Lockwood has never really been a Republican and should be kicked out so she can consider her proper role in some future election as an independent or a Democrat.  Republicans have two other choices but there is only one seat and while both are significantly better than Lockwood, if I have to pick just one I’d recommenced Republican Ken Kreis.


In Merrimack District 21 SEIU has endorsed Tony Soltani (R) ….because he is not Rep. Dan McGuire (R).  Dan McGuire is an excellent Republican.  And thanks to the SEIU, with three Republicans running for two seats, you can probably guess which one not to vote for.


Here is the balance of the SEIU’s list of favored candidates…with some minor edits for clarity…Please do your best not to support them unless the only alternative is a Democrat.  They are all complicit in the hate and destruction of the SEIU and its support of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others, whose mission is to ruin our nation.  It is up to them to separate themselves from these thugs,….in writing would nice.  Otherwise we have to assume that they share values with the SEIU and the left wing mission of public union labor.


In Rockingham District 4 SEIU has endorsed Rep. Jean Charron (R) and Jim Devine (R), both of whom have voted with the SEIU repeatedly.


In Rockingham District 5 SEIU has endorsed Frank Emiro (R). Frank is a former House Rep and is a member of SEA Chapter 1 ….  In this race SEA is also endorsing Rep. Betsey McKinney (R).  The SEIU endorsed candidates in this race will be vying with eight other candidates for seven seats. Two of the other candidates are known to be affiliated with the Liberty Caucus. (I Guess the SEIU really hates Liberty, eh?)


In Rockingham District 6 SEIU has endorsed three of our Republican heroes, Frank Sapareto, Brian Chirichiello and Jim Webb. Webb is a member of IBT (The Teamsters). They are running against eight other Republicans for 10 possible seats


In Strafford District 12 SEIU has endorsed Patricia Hartley (R), who is a member from Strafford County Nursing Home. This is Patricia’s first time running for office.


In Strafford District 23 SEIU has endorsed incumbent Rep. Julie Brown (R). She has been one of our most consistent Republican supporters.


Just to clarity, I must admit that in most cases (not all), if any of these SEIU (so-called republican) candidates win their primary, they are still a far better choice than any Democrat the New Hampshire Democrat (Free Batting Practice) Party can come up with.  And many of them are good on most issues other than labor.  If your choice is them or  Democrat, pick the Republican.  They at least will buck leadership where-as Democrats will just be frog marched into voting the party line like they were from 2007-2010.

Republicans have to understand that an SEIU endorsement is not something any Republican should accept of promote.  The majority of what the SEIU represents and condones is hostile to liberty, personal responsibility, state sovereignty, local control, and the foundations of this nation.   So before you come after me for calling you out on this, you had best be prepared to defend everything the SEIU exists to advance, including its commitment to top down socialist central planning, advanced and supported by the crony union thugocracy of the SEA, SEIU, and other unions like them.

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