Obamacare – Unleash the IRS!

by Skip

(H/T: cartoon from Lucianne)

Well, does Nancy P. remind you of the Wicked Witch?  Well, now that Obamacare has been judged constitutional, we all are going to be meeting up real closer now with our friendly neighborhood IRS dudes (reformatted and emphasis mine):

  •  The IRS now gets to know about a small business’s:
    • entire payroll
    • the level of their insurance coverage
    • Whether small businesses provide “affordable” coverage to workers as determined by Big Govt.
    • A “shared responsibility requirement” fines up to $2,000 per worker after the 50th person if insurance is deemed inadequate (which means you may have to tell your employer a lot of  personal / family info you never had to before
  • It gets to know information about you and your family:
    • the income of the primary breadwinner in your house
    • and your entire family’s income
    • Determining whether individuals buy “adequate” health coverage
    • Insurance plan information, including who is covered under the plan and the dates of coverage
    • The costs of your family’s health insurance plans
    • Whether a taxpayer had an offer of employer-sponsored health insurance;
    • The cost of employer-sponsored insurance
    • Whether you have received a premium tax credit
    • Whether you have an exemption from the individual responsibility requirement.
    • Whether or not you are subject to the Mandate / Tax penalty is based not on your income, but your household income.
  • The IRS gets:
    • To share your personal info with all sorts of government agencies, insurance companies and employers.
    •  To grow itself:  “We expect even more lien and levy powers,”

I cannot tell you how many times, in helping my parents navigate Medicare issues, I ran into brick walls concerning HIPAA (the act that says I can’t ask about my grown son’s problems) but look how the Govt can go on a “sharing spree”:

  • New state-run insurance exchanges
  • Employers
  • Insurance companies
  • Government insurance programs.

(H/T: Fox Biz)

And remember, because of Dodd-Frank (the other Statist monstrosity that puts the Feds in your back pocket), they can watch every financial transaction you participate in.

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