Mental Recrement 5-27-12 - Granite Grok

Mental Recrement 5-27-12

Mental Recrement I accept that there are several “definitions” for frappe based on the contents in the cup.  But I do not believe that anyone in New England need embarrass themselves by calling whichever whatever it is a ‘fraa-paayy.’  This is New England.  Just pronounce it a frapp.

My wife was searching for a price on underwear for one of my kids.  Boys destroy underwear (and socks) the way black and white monsters in the creature double-feature ruin Japanese cities.  So I’m surfing around the internet site of a major retailer and they have an entry for ‘camouflage briefs.’  It says “out of stock online.”  (long pause.)  So are they really out of stock or are they just having trouble finding them?

Last year an Atheist group sued an Arkansas public bus company for requiring a $36,000.00 deposit (on top of ad costs) to cover any vandalism resulting from their ad, which would run on the side of city buses.

“Are You Without God?  Millions are.”

The group “just wanted atheists to know they are not alone.”  I’m not sure why but I find that last part extremely amusing.