Mark Steyn again: On dog-eating, exploding cigars, and “self-loathing cultural relativism”….

Mark Steyn continues a recent rampage! And damn is he good. Freestater Mark Steyn (pace the Democrats: In New Hampshire we are all Freestaters now) is on a red-hot roll, if not a full-blown tantara! When it comes to Obama and the “We-Are-All-Socialists-Now” Democrats, Steyn’s newly re-energized acidulousness is bracing! Take no prisoners!  I mean…consider our President’s penchant for dog-eating: Steyn notes that it won’t hurt the President with certain Democrat voters, because “he knows that to the average upscale white liberal it has the electric frisson of the exotic other.”

“Exotic other”? “Electric frisson”? Oh yeah. Referencing other culinary choices from the “exotic other” that might give those Democrats electric frissons, Steyn writes: “I’m not suggesting that President Obama has eaten a human penis, because, if he had, he’d almost certainly have boasted about it to the impressionable NPR ninnies who gobbled up his memoirs. But I am suggesting…

…that Mitt Romney might like to consider it for next year’s Inauguration Day. I jest – just in case the Secret Service are taking a break from their Colombian hookers and are minded to investigate me for a threat against what Joe Biden would call the ‘big stick.’ My point is that self-loathing cultural relativism is so deeply ingrained on the left that any revulsion to dog-eating is trumped by revulsion to criticizing any of the rich, vibrant, cultural diversity out there in Indonesia or anywhere else.”

And that’s just a sample. Read Steyn’s acidically hilarious bombination in the Orange County Register at Mark Steyn: Democrats should let sleeping dogs lie