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Bill Maher: A Cultural Icon…Not!

“An effeminate education weakens both the mind and the body.”  —Edgar Quinet

Chief Lefty Kool-Aid Drinker

So How about that Bill Maher? He calls Governor Sarah Palin a “c*nt and gets a pass on it from the Hollywood elite, so say my fellow conservatives. Me? not so much. My impression of Bill Maher is that he the type of male species, folks from all walks of life find distasteful and elect not to give Maher’s rants too much face time, letting him stand as the elitist pandering retard he truly is.  Is it any great surprise that he would equivocate in comparisons to Rush Limbaugh’s recent analysis on Sandra Fluke?

Then there is the diatribe on presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s family. “Its no coincidence that the type of tree which God forbade Adam and Eve eating from, was the tree of knowledge. Rick Santorum home schools his kids because he does not want them eating that fucking apple. He wants them locked up in the Christian madrossa that is the family living room. not out in public where they could be infected by the virus of reason…” Aside from the obvious biblical misstatement on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, this is hardly out of form for Bill Maher.  It is standard form for Maher to attack women and children, showing himself to be the self-styled misogynist he truly is.

So who is Bill Maher, anyway? Raised in River Vale, New Jersey, this early version dolt of a Jersey Shore cast member had a series of piddly acting roles in second-rate television shows and movies. Maher found his ticket to fame and notariety in being a societal, “fart;” that is, poking the conventions of middle-class americana with a sharp stick. The result is not at all surprising given the Liberal Elites’ penchance for wounded inner-child-manifested humor. All said under the “pretext” of comedy.

Maher openly celebrates his “bachelor status” and has asserted countless times,  “I never want to get married.”  Once, twice or perhaps three times is sufficient, but, “me thinks he doth protest too much.” A quote attributed to Maher on his website read, “I’m the last of my guy friends to have never gotten married, and their wives — they don’t want them playing with me. I’m like the escaped slave — I bring news of freedom.” yes. Freedom… and an unspoken public declaration of Maher’s inability to foster intimate relationships…seems to me like that is the “epic fail” here.

Its fairly well-established that Bill Maher likes to pick on strong women and children of conservatives. And I have long looked for where the qualifications for such opinions come from. He has plenty to say against marriage, yet he’s never been married. Lots to say negative about women. He seems bitter in the wake of his relationship termination with Coco Johnsen.  Johnsen alleged in her 2004 suit against Maher that he had, ” promised to marry her and father her children, support her financially, and purchase a Beverly Hills home.” Of course, Maher denied ever telling Johnsen that…He was only kidding! It was a joke! get it? Comedy!

Then, there is that remark in 2002 in response to the World Trade Center Bombing. “We have been the cowards lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly.” I read it though…”Cowards” and “we” were used in the same sentence. We, being “America”…The same America our military troops hail from. Young guys from River Vale, New Jersey, going over to Iraq and Afghanistan to sweat and bleed for the founding tenets that made this country great. The same Military of my grandfather who is planted in a war cemetary in Belgium having given his own life and leaving my mother orphaned, so Bill Maher could enjoy the unfettered freedom to spew his bile and pablum on our airwaves, kicking everything about America in the balls. The result of his comment manifested in the killing of his ABC show. No Matter, though, because HBO hooked him right up.  You Go Bill!

“Cowards”….Maher thereafter, back-pedalled on his comment explaining that he, “was not anti-military in any way whatsoever,” and claims long-standing support for the troops. Now that is rather cowardly, if you ask me. He backs away from his comment when he draws the ire of us in military uniform. He said it, he should own it. Anything less is…well, cowardly.

But don’t let that comment stir you for too long. Bill Maher has never been widely considered a manly man, much less a man. Bill Maher came up through life never having to sweat or bleed for anything of monumental importance, earning his treasure from the bread and circus of the slacker class. Jelly-spined people like Bill Maher who pop off at the mouth for nothing more than the almighty buck, attention they didn’t get as a child or to impress their friends, are the mere  punks we encounter in life.

And make no mistake about it, Bill Maher is a punk. And just what kind of punk? they type of punk who gets cigar smoke blown into his face from less than a foot away…followed by a raucous belch and topped off with the dropping of a cigar stub in his glass of pink sweet wine. Bill Maher would simply laugh nervously and say, “Please don’t beat me up!” Yeah, that is a dumb metric…tweak his nose, perhaps, but not worth the time to pick on such worms. Yes, let us be very clear…just fro my liberal friends out there, I do in fact, deny all recognition of Bill Maher’s manhood.

Bill Maher has never had to endure the pains of military service. Bill Maher has never had a fight to live, sweat or bleed. Bill Maher has never had to fear for his life as the result of stepping up and doing something bold.

Before you go thinking I am pissed off at Bill Maher, I am not. I couldn’t care less about Bill Maher, but at the same time, I do not shy away from my personal opinion of this infamous loser.

This is merely a Potato-po-tah-toe (intentional) argument. Bill Maher is a leftist-misogynist. And a leftist who is ruining this country. Bill Maher is on the board for PETA; But I will wager he has never hunted, fished or trapped, longstanding American heartland traditions He advocates for drug legalization; gay marriage; free speech for which he never sacrificed  one drop of blood and treasure to defend. He rails against Christianity and religion with regular relish. It might be funny but remember, it is you that he is making fun of.

If there was such thing as an “All-American Douchebag Award, Bill Maher is its’ patron standard bearer.