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Be Breitbart

Be BreitbartGlen over at Instapundit has put up a fair amount of posts and words concerning the passing of Andrew Breitbart and passes this comment from one of his readers along:

I attended my first caucus today.

It was a great experience. We filled a middle school cafeteria to the brim, there must have been almost a thousand people in attendence (just a wild guess). The caucus was well organized but unprepared for such a large turnout, they rolled with it and did a great job pulling it off.

Of the seven people from my precinct, only one had attended a caucus before. We are all involved now chiefly because of the man in the white house and our belief that he has the wrong policies for the problems facing the nation.

Being a caucus, the actual candidate will be elected at the state convention but our mini-straw poll for my precinct read 5 votes for Romney, 1 vote for Ron Paul and 1 vote for undecided.

Just thought you would like to know what’s going on up here in the Evergreen state.

Be Brietbart,
Greg in Seattle

They want you to be depressed and dispirited, but don’t be. Be Breitbart, who was never either of those.

“Be Breitbart”

It seems that the line from Obi Wan from Star Wars is coming true (along with Glen’s of “an army of Davids”): “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine“.  T-Shirts: “I am Brietbart” – I think he’d smile, even more if it becomes a colossal commercial success – just another avenue to fight.  And a new FaceBook page: One Million Breitbarts – go LIKE it.

And better than just LIKEing it, go DO something about it!  We don’t have to accept what the Left wants, even as they accuse us of being uncivil about it to make us give up.  FIGHT for what you believe!