If the economy is getting better…(Part 2)

by Steve MacDonald

…then why is the average duration of unemployment in this country close to an all-time record high?unemployment duration

With six million less jobs, thanks to Obama’s so-called recovery policies, should we be surprised that the average duration of unemployment is at or near a record high?  If you pollute the employment market, making it inhospitable to job creation–lets call it Obamagenic Employment Cooling–you have fertilized the field for long term despair.

(Full size Graph on the jump.)

People are quick to forget that the Democrat majority congress of Obama’s first two years engaged in a partisan siege, attacking job creators with war engines of bureaucracy and regulation.  They salted the fields so nothing could grow.  And while a Republican House, elected in 2010, slowed the destruction, Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate, along with President Obama, have firebombed every effort make new growth possible.

You cannot have a jobless recovery and putting people on government assistance, despite what Nancy Pelosi may  think, does not create anything but dependence.  That is a suitable legacy for the lot of them, but unfortunately for us, it is exactly how they would like to be remembered.


Unemployment duration data


H/T The Economic Collapse Blog

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