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Portland Marxists Riots

Third World Solutions in a First-World Society

America today is a perfect illustration of the application of third world solutions in a first-world society. Marxists in the US are trying to leverage the immediate righting of everything they see as wrong. They badger the people who own and operate the offending organization.

Wouldn't it be Wonderful

Wouldn’t it be Wonderful?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find a cure for all things that ail us? Perhaps we could make the cure from divine fruit. What do you think? Should the cure be fair to the eye? Would it be inviting to the palate? Would it grant us the virtue of wisdom?

shopping toilet paper

Quick Thought: Er, nope!

WELL, THAT MAKES SENSE: Older, more anxious people likely to stockpile toilet paper during a pandemic. But as wrong as this:

Choose Socialism

What if We Choose Socialism?

What if we choose socialism? What should we expect? Does Marxism have merit? Socialism as an economic system does not work. With that said, it might be the most attractive political ideology ever.

Why Is Remembering Important?

Why Is Remembering Important?

Remembering endows history with meaning and significance. George Berkeley wrote in about 1710, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Certainly, this is a philosophical thought experiment. It raises questions about observation and perception.

America Needs to Use Wisdom to Arrive at Sound Judgments

America Needs to Use Wisdom to Arrive at Sound Judgments

Recent history is full of events showing society has lost respect for wisdom. In comparison with knowledge, wisdom is now undervalued or has no value at all. The reason knowledge has leaped to the fore is the extraordinary rate of advancement in technology, medicine and other areas of science.

Meritocracy… What is it?

In his 1958 novel George Young coined the term meritocracy. Classicists complain about the word because it has two roots. Merit is from Latin and cracy is from Greek. They claim the term is a hound dog in a thoroughbred language. Yeh, yeh, it’s a niggle. The more correct term would be the all Greek …

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