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If You Are Not Following Me On Twitter….

Twitter inspires the opportunity to aggravate the leftists who insist on following conservatives there. Not every witticism will fit on Twitter. Sometimes you have to write a blog and post a link. And then there are the thoughts that are too short to blog and too long to tweet. (Some things can’t be said in under 140 characters.)

Teachers Get Help From Republicans

A bill (HB 375) is being debated in New Hampshire that, if passed, would protect teachers from civil or criminal penalties when they use physical force in the classroom. The bill is designed to protect teachers who feel helpless against aggressive students because they are afraid of being sued by parents.

Bird Ruffles Feathers–Gets three to six

The problem seems to be that Bird had confronted a woman who had accidentally wandered onto his property in search of directions, and he was in no mood for small talk. He brandished his sidearm when she did not leave at his request for which he was charged and convicted of criminal threatening.

Why Liberals Really Hate Arizona

The left’s spleen venting on Arizona’s new law regarding illegal immigration makes perfect sense. Arizona, a sovereign state of the union, has for years (decades) left most of the problems associated with a porous border in the hands of the federal government.  Some of those problems included drug trafficking, people trafficking, and other criminal activates. From …

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