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Stores in England Stop Selling Kitchen Knives Because of Escalating Knife Violence

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The topic of knife-bans in England has not graced our pages for a few months. But back in April and June of last year, we pondered the problem. Kitchen knives are the weapon of choice for murder in the UK. To avoid the PR nightmare, some supermarket chains have stopped selling them.

They have stopped selling an everyday kitchen utensil.

In the face of rising knife violence rates in the UK, supermarket chain Asda will no longer be selling individual kitchen knives. This comes on the heels of the company’s decision in 2016 to securely package all knives after a customer was stabbed inside a Poundland, another British grocery chain. For their part, Poundland stopped selling knives altogether last year.

PJ Media adds that in 2019 41 victims in Britain have been killed by people with knives.

“Knives are the most common weapon used in slayings in the U.K., where guns are tightly restricted. About 40% of the country’s homicide victims were stabbed to death last year, while only 4% were shot.”

The Problem isn’t Tools it’s People

England had 40,000 knife related crimes in 2018. England doesn’t know what to do. Murder is already illegal. So is assault, rape, robbery. Thugs stealing knives from stores has driven the retailers to drop the product. As if that will help.

They are on a predictable trajectory — plumbing new depths of failure

“…will the mayor consign the entire population of London to eating government approved soups? At least until they find a need to address spoon related crimes.”

Don’t laugh. Sharp spatulas and butter knives will go first. Maybe forks or sporks after that. Until the geniuses realize that the whole time the tools were not to blame. It was the culture their government created and their obsession with thinking that disarming law-abiding citizens would prevent crime.