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Sean Mahoney Would Have Voted With Ray Buckley

I love Ray BuckleyThe Mahoney campaign has gone all-in (and all out) on the negative campaigning.  In fact you may have gotten a piece of glossy mail from them referring to votes by Frank Guinta which Mahoney has framed in a negative way.

Now I could squawk about how these are cherry picked procedural votes he is focusing on –which they are.

Or I could go through the details of how the Mahoney campaign is being deceptive–they are.

But instead I can sum this up all rather quickly.

In every case but one, Frank Guinta voted the opposite of Ray Buckley.

On the one vote in which they agreed the final version passed the Republican Majority Senate 24-0 and the Republican Majority House 336-20.

So I guess the Mahoney campaign is endorsing the voting history of current left wing NHDP chairman Ray Buckley as one they would emulate.  That’s….priceless.

So how’s that going negative thing working out for you Sean?